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WHMCS 360 Inc. and its 4 WHMCS services were designed to fill a missing gap in the WHMCS community. WHMCS 360 products expand and support the most popular web hosting automation, support and billing software called “WHMCS”. WHMCS 360 Inc. is not affiliated with nor owned by

After 14 years in the hosting world we have tried and used many of the “other” web hosting and automation software at one point or another. We prefer WHMCS and are dedicated to building the WHMCS community. You cannot build a community without Security so it makes sense that the WHMCS Firewall module was our first stop.

WHMCS Firewall A complete, user-friendly, all in one Firewall, intrusion detection system, secure backups, automated alerting & auditing WHMCS security and firewall addon for your WHMCS site.

WHMCS Emails A comprehensive MUST HAVE email tracking and Smart Automation module for your WHMCS installation.

WHMCS Zine (coming soon) WHMCS Zine will offer an exciting and entertaining magazine about getting the full use out of WHMCS and its many addon’s, growing your business with automation, latest Web Hosting Industry news and much more. WHMCS Zine will offer Informative stories and articles for your online business, reviews and testing of the software and hardware that matters to you most & how to guides in Security & Server Maintenance, just to name a few.

WHMCS GRID (coming soon) We do not want to give away too much information about WHMCS Grid just yet but if you like our WHMCS Firewall addon (And how could you not?!) then you will love our WHMCS GRID. Takes Security & Speed to a whole new level, saves you money and gives your WHMCS website more power and automation than you could ever have on your own. Sounds big? YES that’s why it is called the GRID!

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WHMCS Firewall

A Powerful WHMCS Security Module - auditing, firewall, secure offsite backups (Amazon S3 + DropBox), security analytic's and more.

WHMCS Cloudflare

Our WHMCS Cloudflare module links WHMCS to your Cloudflare account via client API to instantly sync WHMCS banning and auto-expire actions to your entire Cloudflare network.

WHMCS Emails

A Smart WHMCS Email Automation Module


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