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About WHMCS Mods

Our development team have been developing custom modules and addons since 2008

We have experience developing custom server modules, gateway modules, domain registrar modules, admin modules, as well as bespoke projects encompassing custom action hooks and integrations. Simply put, we can make WHMCS do what you need it to, to meet the needs of your business.

We specialize in the following:

  1. WHMCS Customization
  2. Addons Modules
  3. Hook Modules
  4. Server Modules
  5. Administration Modules
  6. Payment Gateways
  7. Template Creation or Conversion

Global reach

WHMCS Mods is an ever improving and evolving company, within which our in-house industry leading and multi-faceted development team constantly updates and adds new tools to the library. Our ever growing market place ensures that there is something for everyone, with all of our products being compatible with the latest versions of WHMCS!

Continuous improvement

WHMCS Mods is an always-improving company. Our world-class development team constantly update and add new tools to our library. Rest assured there is something for everyone and it works with the latest versions of WHMCS!

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Sub-account Custom Fields

Have you ever wanted to create custom fields for your sub-accounts/contacts? This module allows you to create custom fields for all of your sub-accounts/contacts.

CSV Price Update

CSV Price upload for domain TLDs and Product/Services

TinyMCE 5 With Image Upload/Editor

This module allows you to use TinyMCE 5 where ever the curreny TinyMCE is loaded on to the page the new v5 will be loaded.

Admin Stop Duplications

With this module activated you disable more than 1 admin viewing any given page. You can set your own rules using the settings panel provided.

Custom Invoice Status

This module allows you to create unlimited status's which you can select from the edit invoice page.

Custom Ticket Priority

With this module you can now create your own Support Ticket Priority Status's. Never have to use High, Medium or Low again

Account Manager - Manage Multiple Billing Accounts

The most requested feature on WHMCS has finally been delivered!! With this module you can now grant access to an unlimited amount of client accounts through a single account & set permissions per sub account.

No Payment Required

No Payment Method will be required if a clients cart total is 0.00. Will work for free products or coupon codes. Works with any currency!


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