Contacting Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical support for the website builder portion of MarketConnect is provided directly by Weebly. So you can contact them directly regarding any technical issues or usage questions you may encounter using the website builder.

Weebly provide two services; a retail service and a cloud service. It is important to contact the relevant support team at Weebly. MarketConnect uses the cloud service, therefore the cloud support team must be contacted.

To contact Weebly support, follow these steps:

1. Login to your WHMCS Admin area,

2. Navigate to Setup > MarketConnect

Setup > MarketConnect

3. Click Manage in the Weebly section,

4. Click Login to Weebly Control Panel

5. Within the Weebly control panel, click Submit Ticket at the top of the screen.


Submit Ticket link

Note: An account will have been created using when the first website builder service is provisioned. The response will be sent via email to the email address associated with your WHMCS MarketConnect account.

Note: You should expect a response from Weebly within one business day.

Provisioning or Billing Support

For problems provisioning the website builder in your WHMCS installation, configuration questions or billing issues with your MaarketConnect account. Please contact WHMCS technical support.