Cart & Order Pages for WordPress

Cart & Order Pages for WordPress

Developed By WHMPress

Compatible with WHMCS v7.6

1. Consistent Order Process: Usually WHMCS links in WP will redirect to WHMCS for product configuration, and final checkout, with this WCOP, you can do everything within WP.

2. Add Multiple Products: It is not easy for users to order the product first time from your WP site, get redirect to WHMCS and there they select for more products (this involves them in two different environments). Let your users add multiple products to the cart while browsing your WordPress site, An authentic shopping experience

3. WHMCS Cart within WordPress: Manage current orders through shopping cart visible throughout the WP site.

Features List

  1. Option to change currency within the WP website.
  2. Auto applies promo code for your campaigns.
  3. Fully responsive WHMCS order page template (WHMCS checkout from)
  4. Display WHMCS cart count and details within WordPress header
  5. Customized templates in an efficient way, saving your customizations during updates.
  6. Native WordPress techniques used, easy to customize using custom CSS.
  7. Ajax based carts
  8. Complete domain search, Domain registration, Transfer features.
  9. Supports Product Configurable Options, Add-ons, and Custom Fields.
  10. Supports new client sign ups along with client custom fields.
  11. All order page WHMCS templates are completely based on WHMCS-API
  12. All order pages template WHMCS response templates
  13. Customizable WHMCS cart template to show in WP header.

Standard Order Page WHMCS Template for WordPress

This is WordPress implementation of standard WHMCS order form template. It works exactly the same like WHMCS Standard except for everything is performed within WordPress. It offers additional customization features common to WCOP.

WHMCS One Page Checkout

Increase your online conversion rate and eCommerce revenue with a powerful one-page checkout for WHMCS. The fully responsive checkout is optimized to simplify and expedite the purchasing process. The One Page Checkout optimizes the checkout process for your WHMCS to be simple and responsive for users on any devices. By reducing the steps needed to submit an order, customers are more likely to complete the process and thereby increase your online profits and conversion rate.

One page checkout features

  1. Optional top navigation allows the user to seamlessly navigate between sections.
  2. Two templates to choose from (standard order template or one-page order template)
  3. Hide unwanted sections to keep the order process slick and clean. You can hide Products section, Additional Services, Add-ons, Hide Promo code etc
  4. Use service groups or ids to filter from services to order
  5. Filter out non-domain products, when the customer selects domain first.


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Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v7.6

Full Version Compatibility

  • All versions of WHMCS v7.6

System Requirements

  • WordPress

* Requirements listed are in addition to the WHMCS default system requirements.

Support for this product

The best place to start if you need help with a specific product is to contact the developer. All WHMCS Marketplace developers have both a website and support URL listed.

Developed By WHMPress


v2.6 Released October 18th, 2018

Latest Version

  • 1.3
  • WCOP is now standalone (WHMpress is not needed for WCOP to work)
  • WHMPress Helper is needed by WCOP to work 1.3.5
  • dutch language file added 1.3.6
  • All commonly used languages added 2.0 (b11)
  • WCOP + WHMCS template matched 2.0 (b12)
  • WCOM updated with the main page
  • Few bugs removed 2.0 (b13)
  • Exactly matched to WHMCS 2.0
  • A few refinements in the admin section
  • WCOM name/text updated 2.1
  • Added single page order 2.2
  • HTML/ CSS optimized
  • WCOM updated 2.2.1
  • Bug fixes > Domain field now prefilled
  • Optional fields marked correctly for user registration
  • Cards dropdown
  • The payment gateway is being updated in the client profile. 2.2.2
  • Typos fixed. 2.2.3
  • merchant gateway form fixed
  • Admin panel > explain merchant gateway
  • bug fixed (in CAP) when both COP/CAP are installed 2.2.4
  • updated whcom with new shortcode, [whcom_order_process] 2.3
  • code-refactored
  • all previous code now works with common library 2.3.1
  • whcom updated 2.5.3-revision.1
  • Added invoice POPUP/ New tab option/ Minimal invoice options
  • Fixed Terms of service, bug 2.5.4
  • gateway selection is now on the checkout page
  • terms and services for existing customers fixed
  • product services links pages
  • Free domain bug
  • merchant gateway interface improved
  • translations optimized 2.5.4-revision.1
  • configure-product product selections tabs do not respond when loaded with Ajax 2.5.4-revision.2
  • whcom updated
  • Billing cycles separated to ensure responsiveness
  • missing templates included in helper 2.5.4-revision.4
  • Basic order process is now same as that of WCAP
  • Admin settings and pages improved for better customer experience 2.5.4-revision.5
  • registration implemented 2.6
  • bug fixes,
  • compatibility confirmed with WHMCS 7.6.1


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