Marcus Chiang


OVH, SoYouStart, Kimsufi Manager

May 9, 2017 at 09:43:05 AM

If you're wondering whether to get WHMCS Global Service's Soyoustart Module or Bstack's OVH Manager. I would recommend you getting from Bstack's and here's why: 1. You only need 1 Custom Field and not 19. I just have to enter the Service Name to assign the server and I don't have to tick here and there, the default settings are saved on the Module. 2. Received Ticket response within an hour. 3. Received guidance and issue is solved within an hour. Unlike unsolved for more than a month. 4. If you're just starting with a few servers, it's a cheaper solution. 5. You don't even need IMAP or Pipe. 6. The User Interface is so much cleaner. However, the Cons is. Many features still can be implemented through the API. And hopefully one day, an automated feature will be available. This can improve Server deployment timing and save costs.

Bstack Networks @BstackNet

May 28, 2017 at 04:00:25 AM (Edited)

Thank you for the feedback. We are working on ways to auto deploy and have sent requests and feedback to OVH for functionality.

Owner@Bstack Networks  
  • 2 years ago