Davide Taralli



December 1, 2017 at 01:28:43 AM

Works well. Intuitive to use and configure, integrates perfectly whmcs with ispconfig. Some minor features missing, but is getting better and feature rich on every update. Site.pro is also integrated. Most important, it's open source. Thanks for all the time spent to bring this plugin to the community.

  • 10 months ago

Billing Extension

April 6, 2017 at 12:49:56 AM

46 days, no answers. Absolutely unreliable supplier for a billing module.
The support is a nightmare. We never experienced anything like this before with any vendor in years.
Professionally unacceptable behavior .
We purchased from Katamaze the following modules in more than a year:
Billing extension 105USD
Multilanguage Cart 72USD
Advanced Localization 72USD (useful for multibranding invoicing)
and state that the modules, small bugs aside, are well made and reflect the most needs.
On one occasion we also made a request on the forum, and, consistent with the use of a free tool,after a few days, came the reply with the resolution.
This is and remains the only,positive, contact in over a year with the supplier.
In our project, it was planned to add as many modules of the same three licenses for another WHMCS license after testing the vendor at least a year.
Project abandoned after almost two months (February 18, 2017 - April 5, 2017) attempts to speak to the supplier for trivial requests.
Problems have arisen subsequent to our error in the renewal of the license of Multilanguage Cart module.

On 02.14.2017 we receive notification of "first invoice overdue" and we paid through Paypal

02.18.2017 The Katamaze has not yet registered our payment, no invoice, only an unpaid proforma, and so he place our module license in "suspended"

On the same day, we pay again, by mistake, the same proforma, always with paypal (second transaction for the same renewal)

02.18.2017 Ordinary ticket - no answer
We open a standard ticket to report that the proforma in question has been paid twice by mistake, we report the number of the two paypal transactions, ask the reactivation of the suspended license and the issuance of the invoice for the payment made.

No response to the ticket.no invoice.
Let's try on the forum, but it is offline for maintenance. And so it is again from 02.18.2017 to date, with a nice "We will be back soon." Sure.

02.23.2017 Premium ticket - no answer - no invoice for the payment of the premium ticket, no invoice for the paid renewal
Still no response and no invoice. So we open a paid premium ticket (€ 15) to point out the problem of suspended license, ask for our invoice, report again our two paypal transaction and ask a refund for the double payment.

We receive an email notification "Service Unsuspension Notification" for a partially reactivated license, but no answer from our ticket concerning payments, invoicing. The premium ticket is considered solved. Wow.

Having no answers, we respond to the premium ticket on 02.26.2017 asking again for our invoices, information for refund and reporting that the license is only partially active. All with nice screenshots in attachments.
In fact it is impossible to download the module from Katamaze, on 04.05.2017, the module is still suspended.

02.28.2017 premium ticket - no answer
We point out once again the non-fully active module, the double payment with paypal, we ask again for our invoice for renewal and the one for the paid premium ticket, ask informations for the double payment made.
No reply. Katamaze simply refunded 15 euro premium ticket without even a response.
Nice.Well done. Great support.

We give up to make premium tickets, can't get an answer even by paying. We continue in an attempt to get our invoices for the renewal and paid premium ticket, ask for a downloadable paid module and,our double payment.

03.14.2017 two new ordinary ticket - no answer

 1. Ask for refund of double payment.
 2. Ask for our invoices: renewal proforma and premium ticket proforma.
Nothing. No answer again.

03.17.2017 Ordinary ticket - no answer
Summary unanswered requests from 02.18.2017
Ask for invoices again
Ask for license activation with downloadable module
ask for double payment refund

03.31.2017 emergency ticket - no answer again
We need urgently to have invoices for payments made due to tax deadlines.
We ask again: issuing invoices, refunds overpayment, accommodation of module license yet renewed pending.

No response from the supplier.
Premium Ticket refunded, unanswered
Ticket Emergency unanswered
Ticket ordinary unanswered
still down Forum, not so important, but could be a way to get in touch better than multiples no-answer-tickets

No action for the renewed license that still can not be downloaded.
No invoices despite of payments made.
And we talk about a vendor that develops and sells accounting modules. Does he use them?

We have really been patient long time before writing this review.
The reviews are helpful to new potential buyers,
but a bad review is something unpleasant for those who write it.
We would have preferred a peaceful resolution, but we could not get any answers to so simple legitimate requests,

We still have no invoices.
The modules are very well made. in particular the extension Billing module is really full of features.
Once adopted, however, you will be hostage of the poor customer care and support offered by Katamaze with a module that you need for generating invoices.

  • 1 year ago
  • Version Number 1.4.9