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PayPal On-Demand Billing Agreement Module

April 19, 2018 at 04:16:05 PM

I have went onto PayPal today about getting this to work and the process of getting this ... (Reference Transactions Feature Enabled on a PayPal Business Account ) required for your module enabled is extremely , complex, time consuming, elitist and invasive.

We wanted to use this module as over the past 7 years paypal subscriptions have messed up our billing on WHMCS and made life complex and cost us a lot of business as these can't be increased or set up again once a subscription starts Via whmcs without the client ordering and the system rolling out the same product again.

PayPal were no help whatsover as usual and unless your turnover is at least $30,000 a month or more they just laugh down the phone at you.

On top of this you then need to be underwritten by PayPal and provide your profit and loss accounts for the past 2 years.
Added to that all of the follow list of criteria listed here for you below were asked from us by PayPal today and NEED to be met even though ..

1. PayPal already have all of this information and ...
2. None of the information you've to compile again needlessly for them that they already posess and are too lasy to lift a finger to view on thier own systems bears any relevance to the actual operation of this module.

I mean what does a companies account balances have to do with how this module works..?
Absolultly NOTHING... It's pure snobbery and elitism on PayPals part.

Basically of your not in the $30,000 a year club.... your not getting in! Here is part of an actual email from paypal today of everything you actually need to provide PayPal with as well as having a turn over of $30,000 a month or more before they will even look at enabling (Reference Transaction ).

After 2 heated conversations with PayPal today we are leaving them after 7 years of nighmare subscriptions messups, cancellations and general mayhem.

PAYPAL WROTE the following....

"Reference Transactions feature
Just a bit of information on this feature, Mr.~~~~~~~~~. It is used where merchants need to recharge a credit card and they are not storing the credit card information in their local database, they can perform a reference transaction.

Reference transactions are read-only operations, and only the new transaction is populated with data and acted upon. In the same way, no link is maintained between the reference transaction and the new transaction once this is completed.

When a transaction is completed, and if the merchant is eligible for this, the transaction details page will display a new link to create a new transaction.

Reference Transactions is not enabled automatically for all merchants, but it needs to be approved and enabled on a one-by-one basis. Before we can approve a merchant to use this feature, the merchant will need to meet the following requirements:

1. Have been successfully underwritten.

2. Be a first class merchant processing at least $30K or its equivalent per month

3. Have a solid rationale as to why they’re requesting reference transaction applied to his business model and payment flow. The merchant needs to demonstrate a legitimate business need or requirement for Reference Transaction functionality.

You see, this feature is one of our riskiest products as it allows you to change the amount and frequency of the payments being taken. As this carries such a high risk it is not something that we offer all merchants.

In view of the foregoing, please complete the following information so that we can submit an application for Reference Transactions on your behalf. Once the information has been submitted, it may take 7 to 10 days to have this approved.

• Business name
• Business legal name (if different)
• Trading Name
• Place of Registration
• Company Number
• Are your items in stock or do you operate by drop shipping?
• Business URL
• Sales venues
• Date Business Established
• Date Started Trading
• Delivery timeframe
• How are goods shipped?

• Primary Suppliers Information

• Products/Services that are sold

• Total Online Volume for your business annually

• What percentage of this does PayPal Currently Process?

• Average transaction price

• Business rationale as to why you are applying for reference transactions.

• A link to the sign up flow for customers

• A link to the T&CS where customers can review the terms regarding reference transactions and the cancellation policy surrounding them

• Will there be additional payments being processed by PayPal if reference transactions are approved?

• If reference transactions will be used for subscription payments please provide a volume split in terms of the various subscription options. For example - what percentage of volume will be for daily, monthly and/or annual subscriptions?

• If you need to bill users varying amounts, is this reflected in the Terms and Conditions for the provision of service on the website? If not please have it added. You must also include how to cancel reference transactions.

Also please upload the following documents to your account.
• Profit and Loss accounts for the last two years
• Balance sheets for the last two years "

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June 6, 2018 at 02:47:00 AM

We're sorry to hear about your experience with PayPal, but we're pretty confused why you chose to leave a one star review on our module due to your experience with PayPal - a company we have no affiliation with. Hopefully in the future you'll be able to leave appropriate reviews where due, instead of where they aren't applicable.

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