Paul Janssen


Zimbra Email For WHMCS

July 22, 2016 at 12:30:04 PM

We do use this Module and it's running like a charm. ModulesGarden support is also very competent and replies fast to inquiries.

We do recommend this module as it's integration with Zimbra is perfect.

  • 3 years ago
  • Version Number 1.3.0

Billing Extension

July 22, 2016 at 12:23:27 PM

This module was bought by us only to be able to make proper credit invoices as is required by our national law. This module has changed a lot since we bought it last year and added a lot of useful functionality regarding EU / MOSS abilities.

Davide M. @Katamaze

August 1, 2016 at 04:23:54 AM (Edited)

Hi Paul,

Let me clarify few things

> It seems like it's a product that is barely tested and gets bugs fixes at least three times after every release. Of course that would be a good thing to indicate it's a product that will be updated.

We made 50 releases with 142 new features (big ones), 49 improvements and 29 changes in 1 year of activity. Most of the modules that you can download for WHMCS are rarely updated and very frequently patch notes are two lines of text that do not contain any relevant change. Billing Extension is probably the biggest module ever made for WHMCS. The first release of the module only had 22 features meanwhile the latest one has 142. We are talking about a percent increase of +445% in the number of features not to mention that the module works with all versions of WHMCS v5 and v6.

With that being said, it's obvious that such an huge module has more bugs compared to modules that only get 2 or 3 updates every year. The fact that we fix all them promptly is a good news. Also keep in mind that we make no distinctions between serious bugs and small glitches. If you read all our patch notes you'll realize that 95% of bugs are stupid ones (visual bugs, HTML/CSS imperfections and non-fatal errors). Please don't just look at numbers and pretend that they're all critical.

> But every other release you would need to do manual changes. And then a few days later there is another update that will have new changes etc. etc..

There's a very precise reason for this that you can read here ( Let me quote the most relevant part:

«The reason why we ask you to complete these steps manually is that we continuously update all modules focusing on adding new features in very short times. In order to distribute updates frequently and quickly, we do not use any automatic system for upgrades»

I can tell you for sure that the majority of our clients love to get so frequent updates (globally we release 1 update every 3 days) even if this means that sometimes they need to perform few and very simple taks (e.g. find/replace or run a query).

> The developer of this plugin has a system in place where you can buy support for 15 euro per ticket. But why would we need to pay that if we already bought a 1 year support license. Wouldn't make sense.

We use the same exact approach of cPanel. If you have a valid license key you will always get support from 09:00 to 18:00 (Mon-Fri) but if you have an urgent question and you can not wait for our "best effort" response time, you can upgrade your ticket to our priority support and get an answer even when it's night, during weekends and holidays. Long story short, our premium support only grants you a response within 12 hours.

> If you would like to make changes to your stable installation at least 4 times a month - and are happy with the possible risks of breaking your system due to untested code and the developer of this module introducing new bugs to your existent workflow I can definitely recommend to spend your money on this module.

Until now I can guarantee you that we did not break a single installation of WHMCS since the first release of the module. Even the issues that you reported us were nothing dangerous. It did not brake your system. You were simply unable do download PDF Batch with the correct "invoice prefix" and mark a particular kind of invoices (e.g. duplicated ones) as paid without getting a blank page.

> Be prepared to wait a long time to get answers (not solutions) to problems you submit to katamaze.

Here is the list of all your tickets:

Sent: 19th July at 09:32. Response: 19th July at 15:13
Sent: 18th July at 13:33. Response: 19th July at 15:19
Sent: 18th July at 13:06. Response: 19th July at 15:37
Sent: 21st July at 13:00. Response: 22nd July at 21:47

You got our first responses in a bit less than 24 hours. Not to mention that we could have fixed all issues in few minutes/hours but you did not provide us FTP/Admin access. When you gave us FTP/Admin access few days later you also forgot to gran us all the necessary write/view permissions. When we have finally managed to access to your system, we fixed all your issues in a couple of hours.

I can understand your frustration and that you really needed to download invoice PDF batch. Like I said multiple times in your tickets, it was possible to fix everything in a very short time (minutes/hours) but when we asked for FTP and admin access we got an "It's not possible" from you. I can understand that you do not have an FTP server for some reasons but on the other hand you have to understand also our point of view. It's difficult and we need more time to debug your issues with no access to your system since we were unable to reproduce them on our systems. Submitting multiple tickets or negative reviews does not speed up the process.


  • 3 years ago
  • Version Number 1.4.3
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