Braintree Payment Gateway

September 12, 2019 at 04:50:52 PM

Doesn't support Braintree Vault, so it is necessary to install it on addition of any existing Vault compatible gateway, unless you can afford to lose your complete recurring billing database. And what this mean, knows every business owner which is into recurring billing.
Plus can't be installed on my server with other existing braintree, because this module is using the same dir and file name in certain folder. And it can NOT be changed or adjusted.
Every software give the choice to select free the file name. Not so here.
Opened a ticket with vendor, but Christoper York denied and are unwilling to adjust name.
I asked for a refund, since I don't pay for something I can't use and it was not mentioned in the requirements, that certain file names need to be available on the server or the module won't work. This is false advertising.
He just referred to their TOS and denied a refund. He want's me to keep the product which I can not use on my server.
He prefers an unhappy customer.
Many other vendors just cancel and refund the order, if the client is not happy. Not so here.

I asked to escalate my ticket to business owner, then he closed the ticket silently.
Poor customer service in combination with poor business ethics.
Stay away.

ASPnix Web Hosting @ASPnix

September 17, 2019 at 04:52:59 PM

It is clearly outlined in our Terms of Service (which was agreed to upon purchasing), that no refunds are offered once the module has been downloaded. It also clearly states this during ordering that "All sales are final". We are unwilling to change the name, but then we have to rename the module again and again and again and again every time we release an update. If we rename for you, then we have to rename for all the other customers who've asked to rename the module for various reasons over the years, which means more renaming and supporting those installations each time an update is released. The module is provided "as is" as stated in our Terms of Service.

You are correct, the module does not support the Braintree Vault, it states on the module "Description" here on the market place...

- Credit card information is stored within your WHMCS database

The module uses the WHMCS database to store and encrypt credit/debit cards and uses direct server-to-server processing and does not rely on the Braintree Vault. We have over 300 active installations of this module without issues or problems with recurring billing, existing card details stored within WHMCS will continue to work even when switching to our module.

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  • 2 months ago