Pritam Mhatre


SMS Manager

August 22, 2019 at 05:38:59 AM

Do not Buy .. !!

This module has a lot of Bugs even in the features they mention do not work, in fact the mandatory features also have a BUG, i have opened tickets shared error snaps, still developer does not find or confirm the issue so shared videos showing error and how to replicate the issue still they have no clue on how to find the issue

I have shown the Bugs on developers Development System still developer does not work and is not interested in resoling the issues

seller has an attitude issue along with support team and it is begin more than 1 month since i bought the module and raised a support request with no resolution still ticket is marked as fixed

I was recommended to use old release so module features work but they also have same issues, new release were made still almost having all issues

You will get tired of following up as there will be no Fix on your Bugs and no reply on Tickets even when new versions are released

I have also recommended the MSG Service provider to not recommended this module with details


1. You will not get reply on tickets for a long time
2. Developer cannot find the issue or understand the functionality even when you share snapshots or videos of errors
3. Developers do not test the module when a release is made
4. Promised Features do not work or have a major BUG
5. Support Team is not interested in resoling the issue
6. Common and Mandatory Features also have issues
7. Support will release multiple release with same BUG as they do not test it properly
8. Even when you prove developer with all the testing he requested than they will claim we do not see this and ignore you
9. Affordable price but does not work so it is a waste of money

Find an alternative with less features which is working instead of checking out this Module

Hope Module Provider Takes a note of this and tries to Improve but from my experience since last 1 month i do not see any chance in future that team will improve

Not Recommended at all .. !!

  • 1 day ago

MSG91 SMS/OTP Plugin

July 2, 2019 at 05:28:31 AM

Really Nice Plugin but now PHP 5.6 has come to an end and this plugin is not supporting PHP 7.2 as it was encoded by the ionCube Encoder for PHP 5.5 and cannot run under PHP 7.1 or later

Can we have an update for this Plugin

  • 1 month ago