Sea Ansley


Server Pilot - Shared Hosting

November 3, 2017 at 09:49:26 AM

Unfortunately, this module does not work properly, and there is no support or communication at all from the team. While we were able to eventually install the module, and successfully create new apps via WHMCS, none of the other features worked. WordPress did not install. Even if you select a specific droplet in one region, it would default to whatever droplet it felt like (we run two different cities at the moment in our early tests). There are no means to access databases, change usernames, or even have the new user / FTP login credentials emailed to the client. Manual set up of ServerPilot apps is hence way more efficient. Furthermore, I contacted Hypnotic Monkey / CamNet support many times over a period of few weeks, and complained to WHMCS, but never heard a response from the company. I'm disappointed, not for wasting a little bit of money on this module, but that a module with such potential just doesn't work as it should. And hence there remains no real WHMCS solution for ServerPilot or Forge.

  • 1 year ago