Soheil G


Multibrand For WHMCS

February 21, 2017 at 01:45:53 PM

Lacks some features.

When we installed the module, it had apparent bugs with the affiliate system. This was resolved. However, the module is really missing the features you would expect.

1. The module allows you to assign knowledgebase categories as one brand, and have multiple brand of articles in one category, but it doesn't display properly. You can't keep the same articles for multiple brands.

2. You cannot give one of your support agents access to generating invoices or creating a ticket, or logging in as a client UNLESS you give them full administrative access to this module. Really?

3. If you have the feature enabled on WHMCS that suggests articles to customers, they may or may not be able to view the articles they are presented as this module does not display the correct articles for the correct brand.

4. It doesn't sort client brands properly at the beginning. It does a better job once people sign up after you install the module.

5. You cannot hide a support department and link to it - it breaks.

Then on every page, there's additional load time for the brands to show up and for you to be able to perform actions. This makes it more annoying when you want to create tickets, add invoices, etc. You can probably develop a module similar to this without all the problems yourself using DNS and a simple hook. Sure it won't be as in-depth but it won't have as many problems. I would not recommend wasting time on this - it may just be easier to have separate WHMCS per brand.

  • 3 years ago
  • Version Number 1.8.13

SolusVM Extended VPS For WHMCS

February 21, 2017 at 01:37:03 PM

This module came with multiple bugs/issues that took an extremely long time to resolve. Our developer had to do his own temporary work-around which was hard to do as their script is ioncubed. In addition, they appear to not have their own development install of WHMCS to test their modules on as they continuously requested we give them access to our install.

Below are a list of issues we faced with the module:

1. The module used to only work on the default port. Even though there was a field where you can add the port, it did not work properly. The module only worked on default SolusVM port. Issue took 3 weeks to resolve after multiple false fixes.
2. All the fields would reset if you modify any portion of the service details. I'm unsure if this has been fixed.
3. You cannot have any service names that has a number, an "e" followed by another number. This would attempt to do a math operation and throw an error.
4. The module had spelling errors, on client area. Good thing we caught this soon, or else it would have been very unprofessional to our customers.

As for the module itself, it does have some additional features compared to the free module provided by SolusVM. However, it is also missing some features that does come with the free module, such as VNC access on admin side. I have been told they may add this feature in a future version. Is the module worth keeping? Yes. Was it worth the cost and the hassle to get all these issues fixed? Probably not. I wouldn't recommend switching over from an existing SolusVM module.

In addition, because the module (and another module) had issues, we had our trial extended. However, ModulesGarden did not honor the original price we purchased these modules for, since we did not pay for them immediately without being sure they fixed the bugs.

  • 3 years ago
  • Version Number 1.6.5