Automated daily backups to the cloud with one-click restores

A fast, reliable website backup service that gives customers peace of mind.

Features of CodeGuard Website Backup

  • Self service protection for customers
    Give clients a self service solution for recovering from accidental deletions and file overwrites.
  • One-Click Restore
    Mistakes happen. One-click restore saves you time and heartache by getting your site back to where it was before the issue occurred.
  • Automated WordPress Management
    Built-in WordPress support includes automated updates, WordPress plugin and auto-recovery on update failure.
  • Give customers peace of mind
    With CodeGuard, your customers have an independent off-site backup that they can access at any time.
  • Simple & Straightforward Pricing
    Customers pay only for the amount of backup storage disk space they require.
  • Website Time Machine
    Every backup is timestamped allowing customers to rollback their site on-demand to any point in time.
  • File Change Alert Monitoring
    CodeGuard monitors your customers websites for changes and alerts users to changes that occur.
  • Enterprise Grade Backups Made Easy
    CodeGuard stores backups on Amazon S3 for rock solid reliability and durability, protected with AES-256 server-side encryption.
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