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Being in domain industry for over 10 years and creating many useful scripts and tools to make our jobs easier, we, a group of domainers and developers, have decided to share our experience with other domainers in the form of a solution combining all tools we found to be very useful and helpful in any domainers' day to day life.

Domaining is fun at first, when you collect your first portfolio, learn the tricks, make your first home baked parking page and start your experiments. The fun stops when you grow as a domainer and it all turns into a job, an interesting one, but a job. Constant DNS record management, portfolio updates, price request follow ups and the simple domain renewal management can turn domaining into a scary mess.

This is why we created our platform, to allow domainers at any stage of their domaining career enjoy the process, have enough tools to experiment with, collect all necessary data, save time and still enjoy professional parking service.

Our goal was to create a solution for domain parking which will work with every extension out there, every language and character set and will provide the right tools for every need and type of domain parking, be that for sale, for ad revenue or simply for registrars to promote their services to newly registered customers. One of the main goals was to make it all be very easy to implement, manage and use, and we think we achieved our goal.

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WildcardParking Module

Domain Valet Parking for Resellers and Registrars.


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Anri Hakobyan