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Cryptomus is a cryptocurrency payment service for business and personal use. Also use it as a wallet and store your funds safely.

Do you want to accept payments in cryptocurrency? You'll be able to do the integration via API, CMS plugins or just send invoices to your business’ clients payment by link.


• Fast crypto payments: It took a couple of minutes to complete a transaction

• Auto-withdrawal: Set the needed time interval and your funds will be withdrawn automatically

• Mass payouts: No more wasting time! Pay your employees or other groups of people simultaneously

• White label and Host2host: Want to keep it squeaky clean? There is a White label feature. We will provide you with a blank payment page with your logo on it or integrate seamlessly

• Total anonymity: That’s our thing – to sign up, you don’t even need an email or phone number. The process itself takes a minute – just authorize through TonKeeper, MetaMask or Trust Wallet. Isn’t that awesome?

• User-friendly interface: Even a newbie will understand everything intuitively

• Security: No doubt, safety is a key. That’s why we made Cryptomus so protected – use everything you need to sleep soundly

• Easy integration: Our API is more then just flexible to adjust

• We work with almost all popular currencies. We will add it to your personal account in 24 hours

• Customer support service 24/7: we answer to your customers questions

• СMS plugins are available: PrestaShop, WooCommerce or Shopify? Among the great variety of plugins you will find one that is suitable for your website

• Staking - minimum period of stake is 3 days, but you can get rewards anytime in the "Stake History" for 5% reward

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WHMCS Bitcoin & Crypto Payment Gateway Module

Accept Bitcoin, USDT, ETH and Other Cryptocurrency Payments with our Simple, Convenient and Reliable Payment Gateway

Accept Bitcoin & Crypto Payments with WHMCS 6 | Cryptomus

Accept payments in over 15 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum and others, giving customers unlimited freedom of choice. Crypto Payment Gateway for Your Needs

Cryptomus Payment Gateway for WHMCS 7

Simple, convenient and reliable cryptocurrency payment provider. For WHMCS v.7


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