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Bringing 9+ years of experience to the table, Grizzlyware isn't new to WHMCS addon modules. We've helped hundreds of people modify, adjust, adapt, tweak and reinvent their WHMCS installations.

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Ranger - Sell license keys

Generate, distribute and validate license keys

Email Catcher

Prevent leaking clients emails to one-another and protect from data breaches

Salmon Library

Extended functionality for WHMCS models, useful helpers.

Vagrant Development Box

Setup a local copy of your WHMCS installation to test and develop new features, without risking your production install

Unit Tracker

Allows you to easily generate detailed and consistent invoices, with tailored pricing tiers, simply by tracking hours worked.

Vendor 2.0

Do you sell product or license keys? Automate the distribution of license and product keys

Hello 2.0

Hello adds a greeting to your ticket replies in WHMCS, automatically working out who you’re speaking to.

YubiKey Multi

Allow your clients and staff to register more than one YubiKey, giving them the flexibility to use 2FA with the device that suits them most.


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