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Frequently Asked Questions


The WHMCS Marketplace is a place where users of the WHMCS platform can discover, try, and buy add-ons for the WHMCS platform. You can use add-ons to customize and extend your WHMCS installation. The Marketplace offers add-ons developed by both WHMCS as well as third-party developers.
The WHMCS Marketplace is free to access for end users and free to post listings for developers. Some developers may charge for specific add-ons and extensions they offer. Please refer to individual listings for details of any costs specific to an add-on.
Yes, submitting a listing is free to do and accessible to everyone. To get started, login or register and then navigate to My Account > Submit a Listing.
MarketConnect is a digital services platform from WHMCS that enables you to resell services from market leading brands such as Symantec, Weebly and SpamExperts. Learn more here.

Account and Billing

Yes, please open a ticket and a member of our support team will be happy to assist you.
To reset your password, please visit the Forgotten Password page.
When you make a deposit into your Marketplace account you are buying points. Points can be used to make purchases. 1 Point = 1 USD
We accept payments via PayPal and all major credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express & Discover.
Invoices can be obtained via the Billing History page when logged into the WHMCS Marketplace.

Add-ons and Extensions

Add-ons and extensions are additional code that you can install into your WHMCS installation to enhance or change its functionality. Add-ons change the way your WHMCS installation behaves.
The WHMCS Marketplace is designed to give you visibility to see if an add-on is reliable. All listings provide the following resources to help you make informed decisions about the add-ons you install and use. Reviews and ratings from other users. See if compatibility is kept up-to-date with the latest version. Changelog tab allows you to see if the developer is active and regularly providing updates. Review screen shots and other information in the listing description.
We review and approve all new listings in the WHMCS Marketplace to ensure that add-on information is as complete as possible. However, we do not monitor, review or provide any assurances about the quality of code contained within any add-ons or extensions. If you find dangerous or malicious code posted here, please report it to us.
All support for third party add-ons and extensions must be obtained directly from the vendor. Links to the vendors website and support resources can be found via the Marketplace listing.
Sometimes, yes. It's possible for an add-on to cause performance problems. We recommend setting up a staging environment that allows you to test out add-ons before deploying them in production. A Development License is made available free to all direct license holders for this purpose. You can also use the customer reviews to learn what other users have to say as well as visit the website of the add-on vendor and review any support materials they have. If you suspect an add-on is causing a problem in your WHMCS installation, try disabling the add-on to see if the problem goes away.
When you install an add-on, it has full access to your application and its data. Sometimes add-ons can have unintended side-effects. They might slow things down, or you might discover a problem. If so, it's easy to disable or uninstall an add-on. To disable an add-on module, navigate to Setup > Addon Modules within your WHMCS installation and click the Deactivate button. Alternatively if the module was installed in another way, simply delete the files from where they were uploaded.


Groups represent your brand/company in the Marketplace. Groups own listings, and then multiple user accounts can be assigned to groups allowing all of those users to administer and manage the listings in that group. Perfect for companies who wish to have multiple people responsible for administering their Marketplace listings.
To create a new group, click here.
Only a group owner can add or remove users from a group. To add a new user to a group, navigate to your groups, select the group you wish to add a user to, click the Edit This Group button, select the Members tab, then enter the users display name and role you wish to assign.
To remove a user from a group, navigate to your groups, select the group, click the Edit this Group button, select the Members tab. Now click the Remove button next to the user you wish to remove.


Listing descriptions support Markdown for formatting. Visit our Markdown Guide for more information.
Please be as detailed as possible when creating your listing description. Tell users what your module does and why it might be beneficial to them. Bear in mind, the easier you make it for users to learn about your add-on, the more likely you are to have a successful Marketplace experience.
No, we do not allow linking to external sources for more information. All information required for users should be provided within the listing description.
For commercial listings, we support specifying a one time price. If your product has a subscription based model, for now we recommend leaving the price field empty and providing pricing information within the listing description. Support for displaying recurring pricing is coming soon.
For free listings, this should be a direct link to download your app. For commercial listings, it should be a direct link to the checkout process for the required product. We do not allow linking to further informational pages.
A hero image is only required for products where a sponsorship option is purchased that includes featuring within a category or the Marketplace homepage.
Each listing requires an icon. For best results, the icon should be 200x200 pixels. We accept GIF, PNG and JPEG file types.
All listings require moderator review and approval. We aim to review and approve submissions within 48 hours during the regular work week.

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