Accept Bitcoin and Altcoins - CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Method for WHMCS

Accept Bitcoin and Altcoins - CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Method for WHMCS

Developed By CoinGate

Compatible with WHMCS v7.2

CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Gateway for WHMCS

Using our fully automated cryptocurrency processing platform and invoice system, online businesses can accept Bitcoin as well as other digital currencies hassle-free. Payments received from customers can be instantly converted and paid out directly to your bank account or PayPal in Euros and U.S. Dollars. Alternatively, store owners can choose to receive payouts in Bitcoin - no verification procedures necessary.

CoinGate Bitcoin Payment Method for WHMCS

The module allows stores that use WHMCS billing system to accept Bitcoin payments as well as Altcoins via the CoinGate API. Integration and configuration of our WHMCS module is very straightforward, and the payment gateway is fully automated - you will receive automatic payment confirmations and order status updates. We already work with happy website owners that sell services such as VPN, VPS, RDP, Domain names, Hosting, Seedbox, and IPTV, among others.


  • The gateway is fully automatic - set it and forget it.
  • Payment amount is calculated using real-time exchange rates.
  • Your customers can select to pay with Bitcoin and 40+ other cryptocurrencies at checkout, while your payouts are in a single currency of your choice.
  • Sandbox environment for testing with Tesnet Bitcoin
  • No setup or recurring fees
  • No chargebacks - guaranteed!

API functionality

  • Extend your invoice expiration time (if payouts are in BTC).
  • Accept slight underpayments automatically.
  • Refunds can be issued directly from the invoice - without involvement of the seller.

How it works - example

  1. An item in the store costs 20 euro.
  2. A customer wants to buy the item and selects to pay with Bitcoin.
  3. An invoice is generated and, according to the current exchange rate, the price is 2000 euro per bitcoin, so the customer has to pay 0.01 bitcoins.
  4. Once the invoice is paid, the merchant is credited 19.80 euro (20 euro minus our 1% flat fee), or 0.0099 BTC.

To be able to use the plugin you have to create an account on

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Lava VPS @LavaVPS

July 26, 2017 at 06:53:33 AM

Perfect working payment gateway module. Being supported not only the latest WHMCS but previous versions as well. Very happy about CoinGate as payment gateway as well. Great support! Highly recommended!

  • 1 month ago

Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v7.2

Full Version Compatibility

  • Selected versions of WHMCS v7.2
        7.2.0 - 7.2.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.0
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.3
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.0

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Developed By CoinGate


v1.0.1 Released April 18th, 2017

Latest Version

  • Update coingate-php lib
  • Update form labels and descriptions


Previous Versions

v1.0.0 Released August 26th, 2016

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First version.


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