Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS

Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS

Developed By ModulesGarden

Compatible with WHMCS v8.0

ModulesGarden Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS will let you suggest hand-picked sets of additional products, addons and services to your audience depending on the items they already have in a shopping cart. The module will allow your customers to order from the list of personalized recommendations, and even choose between the most attractive discount opportunities once integrated with Discount Center For WHMCS.

At the same time, you will be empowered to define precise cross-selling rules upon which your clients will be offered distinct complementary products and addons plus comprehensively manage related as well as recommended items. The greatest value of our solution lies in the possibility to adjust the tiniest specifics of suggested products, including their unique description, custom image and background color.

Equipped with Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS, you can not only advertise the individual, most profit-making items, but also boost the appeal of your offer in general. Order the module today to drum up your sales in an instant, and let your audience feel perfectly catered for!

Admin Area Features:

  • Add Related/Recommended Products And Product Addons Based On Items In Cart:
    • Manage Displaying Priorities
    • Overwrite Product Tile Background/Image/Description
    • Toggle Status
  • Configure Product And Product Addon Tile Details:
    • Set Background Color
    • Upload Image
    • Set Short Description
    • Toggle Status
  • Define Number Of Tiles To Display At Once Depending On Screen Size
  • View Logs Of Added To Cart Related/Recommended Products

Client Area Features:

  • View Related/Recommended Products And Product Addons Tiles Based On Items In Cart
  • Use One-click To Add Related/Recommended Items To Cart
  • Move Between Multiple Related/Recommended Items Using Tiles Slider
  • Display Discounted Products And Addons Labels On Tiles - Requires Discount Center For WHMCS

General Info:

  • Integrated With Discount Center For WHMCS - Create And Manage Discounts In Fully Automatic Manner
  • Supports Default And Custom Order Forms
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Supports PHP 7.1 Up To PHP 7.4
  • Supports WHMCS Template Six, Allure And Lagom
  • Supports WHMCS V7.9 And Later
  • Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version



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Hamza ElBayed @hamza6460

August 21, 2020 at 08:19:42 PM

Any deal you close there is always the potential to cross sell it with something else, this module is the perfect module to do that. You can select what goes with what product, and can assign other services that can go well with what ever you are selling. During checkout, they will be recommended to the client, and this will help you to up/cross sell your services making you more money.
This module is right on the money, as always, Module Garden, you have out done your self.

  • 7 months ago
  • Version Number 1.1.2

Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v8.0

Full Version Compatibility

  • Selected versions of WHMCS v8.0
        8.0.0 - 8.0.4
  • Selected versions of WHMCS v7.10
        7.10.0 - 7.10.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.9

Support for this product

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Developed By ModulesGarden


v1.1.4 Released October 19th, 2020

Latest Version

  • Improvement: If available, the pricing of the related/recommended items will be now automatically updated along with the change of the product's billing cycle - case #123
  • Bug Fix: Resolved problem with loading tiles of the module's related/recommended items if the WHMCS email verification reminder was displayed on the same page - case #125


Previous Versions

v1.1.3 Released September 30th, 2020

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  • New Feature: WHMCS V8.0 and PHP 7.4 support
  • Removed: Support for WHMCS V7.8 and previous


v1.1.2 Released July 15th, 2020

View/hide detailed changelog

  • Bug Fix: Fixed framework issue that could prevent the module from loading on certain WHMCS instances - case #120
  • Bug Fix: Resolved case where adding an additional product to the cart might have caused the first added item disappeared if it had any configurable options assigned - case #121


v1.1.1 Released April 6th, 2020

View/hide detailed changelog

  • New Feature: WHMCS V7.10 support
  • Removed: Support for WHMCS V7.7 and previous
  • Bug Fix: Solved problem with the "Duplicate column name 'productType'" error that might have occurred once the addon module was deactivated and activated again - case #118


v1.1.0 Released February 12th, 2020

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  • New Feature: Product addons support - add related or recommended addons to your products cross-selling
  • New Feature: Carousel settings - select a number of tiles visible at once depending on the screen size
  • Improvement: Longer items descriptions can be now scrolled using the mini-scrollbar
  • Improvement: Improved support for "Allure WHMCS Theme" - case #102
  • Bug Fix: Minor code corrections


v1.0.2 Released January 28th, 2020

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  • New Feature: WHMCS V7.9 support
  • Removed: Support for WHMCS V7.6 and previous


v1.0.1 Released October 7th, 2019

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  • Improvement: Added support for Allure WHMCS Theme
  • Removed: Support for WHMCS V7.5 and previous


v1.0.0 Released July 3rd, 2019

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  • Stable Release


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