Duitku Payment Gateway

Duitku Payment Gateway

Developed By Duitku

Compatible with WHMCS v8.6

Putting forward our social concept, Duitku Payment Gateway provides our best service while maintaining a clear, transparent and competitive pricing for all customers, including You!


Is your business newly established? Or do you want to expand your enterprise and branch it out into an online business? Whatever it is, Duitku is here to support you and your business every step of the way. As a community based company, Duitku Payment Gateway offers you the best service at the most affordable prices regardless of your transactions rate.


You can easily integrate Duitku to your online business. Automate your payment process so you can focus fully on the growth of your business.


Pre-made plugins are designed to be used on popular e-commerce platforms. You can integrate your payment solutions in just a few clicks away!

Guide to installing the Duitku plugin for WHMCS version 5.2.x - 8.x.x

  1. Go to your hosting file manager then to your WHMCS installation folder/directory .
  2. Upload the previously downloaded plugin file.
  3. After successfully uploading the plugin file, right click on the plugin file and select Extract.
    • Note: For more explanation to add a payment gateway to WHMCS, you can see the documentation for installation and activation of the WHMCS payment gateway(https://developers.whmcs.com/payment-gateways/installation-activation/).
  4. After the upload process is complete, log in to your WHMCS admin.
  5. On your WHMCS admin page, click the Setup menu , point the cursor to the Payments submenu and select Payment Gateways .
  6. On the Payment Gateways page , click the All Payment Gateways tab , then click on my BCA Cash Klikpay, Duitku CreditCard, Duitku CIMB Clicks, Duitku Mandiri, Duitku VA Permata, or my payment gateway Duit module that you want to activate.
  7. If the payment gateway has turned green, then the payment gateway has been activated.
  8. After the payment gateway is activated, click the Manage Existing Gateway tab.
  9. A configuration display for the payment gateway that you activate will appear , if the payment gateway that you have activated has not yet appeared, please refresh on the Payment Gateways page. Information:
    • Duitku Merchant Code: enter your Merchant Code that you get from Project on the Duitku merchant page
    • Duitku API Key: enter the Project API Key that you got from Project on the Duitku merchant page
    • Duitku Endpoint: If integration is still in the development stage, use this address https://sandbox.duitku.com/webapi
    • Duitku Endpoint: If the integration is in production stage, use this address https://passport.duitku.com/webapi
  10. After completing the configuration form, click Save Changes, then repeat the payment gateway for other Duitku.
  11. Congratulations on successfully installing the Duitku plugin on your WHMCS-based site. If there are difficulties or further questions, please contact us on Live Chat or email at support@duitku.com.



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ramadhani syahputra @dhani2012

July 6, 2022 at 08:34:24 AM

sangat membantu

  • 1 year ago
  • Version Number 2.11.3
  • Edited

Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v8.6

Full Version Compatibility

  • Selected versions of WHMCS v8.6
        8.6.0 - 8.6.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.5
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.4
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.3
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.0
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.10
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.9
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.8
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.7
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.6
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.5
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.4
  • Selected versions of WHMCS v7.3
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.0
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.3
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v6.0
  • All versions of WHMCS v5.3

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Developed By Duitku


v2.11.11 Released November 29th, 2022

Latest Version

  • Convert rate amount only if base amount is IDR


Previous Versions

v2.11.8 Released September 7th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog



v2.11.7 Released August 9th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Encrypt Post Data


v2.11.6 Released August 3rd, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Secure credentials and transfer data through the post. Fix problem transfer data within the session to request transaction file.


v2.11.5 Released July 22nd, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Fix Bug Callback Response


v2.11.3 Released June 24th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

  • Fix Bug Va BCA Facilitator
  • Change Logo Bank Neo Commerce


v2.11.1 Released March 24th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Fix bugs amount


v2.11 Released March 17th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Add Briva Add QRIS by Nobu


v2.10.1 Released March 4th, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Fix convert valas to IDR


v2.10 Released March 2nd, 2022

View/hide detailed changelog

Add New Channel Payment Bank Neo Commerce


v2.9.1 Released January 6th, 2020

View/hide detailed changelog

= 2.9.1 Okt 18, 2021 =

  • Add round up for decimal values
  • Add Convert to IDR if default currency isn't Rupiah

= 2.5 Nov 16, 2020 =

improvement 2.4 to 2.5 :

  • Change Mandiri Virtual Accunt become deprecated
  • Add Mandiri H2H Virtual Account

= 2.4 Oct 13, 2020 =

improvement 2.3 to 2.4 :

  • Add BCA Virtual Accunt

improvement 2.2 to 2.3 :

  • Add Sahabat Sampoerna
  • Add Artha Graha
  • Bug Double Payment

= 2.2 June 19, 2020 =

improvement 2.1 to 2.2 :

  • Add Shoppepay Applink
  • Add navigator device detection

= 2.1 Mar 12, 2020 =

improvement 2.0 to 2.1 :

  • Improve parameter Duitku Expiry Period

= 2.0 Feb 06, 2020 =

improvement 1.0 to 2.0 :

  • upgrade API v2
  • add ShopeePay
  • add Indodana

= 1.0 =

Initial Public Release


vVersion 2.11.12 Released January 5th, 2023

View/hide detailed changelog

Remove sampoerna VA payment


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