Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle

Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle

Developed By RS Studio

Compatible with WHMCS v8.10

The Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle is the perfect toolkit for launching your WHMCS-based business. It integrates essential components that transform your billing system into a full-fledged Website CMS. This comprehensive package includes our most popular products at a 15% discounted rate and a free services worth $158 USD!

Perfect for startups ready to launch quickly their first website without the high costs of custom web development, and ideal for WHMCS site owners looking to enhance their website's look and performance. The Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle streamlines your path to a professional, fully integrated online presence, letting you concentrate on growing your business and engaging with your customers.

Included in the bundle:

  • Lagom WHMCS Client Theme - $126.65 USD, renewal at $126.65 USD per year **
  • Lagom WHMCS Website Builder - $228.65 USD, renewal at $126.65 USD per year **
  • Lagom Products Installation Service* - Free
  • Lagom Products Maintenance Service* - Free
  • One Hour of Lagom Products Consultation Service* - Free

Bundle Price: $355.30 USD

Bundle Renewal Price: $253.30 USD per year **

* The use of included free services is optional; you are not required to use these service

** Renewal is not obligatory, required only to get access to new product versions and support.

Lagom Website Builder & Client Theme

Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, enhanced by our Lagom WHMCS Website Builder extension, transforms your WHMCS system into a full-featured Website CMS. This powerful combination allows you to manage your products, customers and website via single user-friendly interface.

This complete package provides robust tools for effortless management of your website’s pages and customization of colors to align with your brand, without need to know how to code. Every page crafted by the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder is fully integrated with the WHMCS system, meaning all product configurations and pricing updates made in WHMCS are automatically synchronized with all your website pages.

With the built-in advanced Menu Manager, you can centralize the control of menu items across your website, ordering process, and client area. It also includes dynamic elements like customer login status, which updates automatically based on user activity on your site, enhancing the overall user experience.

Content Management System

The Lagom WHMCS Website Builder equips you with a robust set of CMS features. Here’s a detailed look at its key functionalities:

  1. Pre-Made Pages - Quickly launch your hosting services with over 40 ready-to-use page templates designed for various hosting products. These templates are optimized for performance and aesthetics, ensuring a professional look and feel. Below is a list of links to demo pages for some of the available pages:
  2. Section Types - All pre-made pages listed above are generated from predefined section types available in our CMS system. These sections can also be used to build your own custom pages. Below is the list of sections, which will expand with each new product version.
    • Banner Default - Grab attention with eye-catching images and messages, making a strong start to your site.
    • Banner Domain - Banner equipped with a domain search field, specifically designed for domain-based providers, to immediately draw customer attention to the domain search.
    • Banner Form - Banner featuring various forms tailored for specific pages; for instance, select a form that includes a Knowledgebase search field.
    • CTA - Encourage visitors to perform specific actions, such as signing up or making a purchase, by using clear buttons and text.
    • Domain Search - Section featuring a domain search field, enabling the listing of "Spotlight TLDs" from your WHMCS, along with the prices for the most popular offerings on your website.
    • FAQ - Answer common questions in an organized way, helping visitors find information without contacting support.
    • Features - Section detailing features available for a specific page or product, allowing you to assign various icons, illustrations, or your custom graphics. Includes the capability to link directly to any specific website page for a comprehensive explanation.
    • Features Sides - Section displaying features on either the left or right side of the content, enabling you to provide a description and list features relevant to this specific content.
    • Graphic - Section featuring a container for graphics, where you can place our pre-made illustrations or upload your own custom graphics or photos. This design helps capture customer attention towards specific content.
    • Key Features - Section designed to list features, each accompanied by large graphics displayed on either the left or right side. Ideal for showcasing a preview of a specific feature through a screenshot or illustration.
    • Legal - Section type intended for legal pages, equipped with a built-in text editor script for easy text modifications.
    • Products - Section essential for all hosting providers, showcasing product packages for specific product groups. This section automatically retrieves prices from the WHMCS system and allows for the addition of icons, illustrations, or your own graphics.
    • Product Groups - Ideal section for showcasing different product groups, such as on your main page. This section automatically calculates the starting price from all products within the selected product group.
    • Stats - Showcase animated numbers to give customers a quick view of your company's statistics, such as years in business or the number of satisfied customers.
    • Testimonials - Showcase feedback from satisfied customers to build trust and credibility for your business and products.
    • Featured TLDs - Section allowing you to promote, your most popular TLDs, allowing to choose different ways to display these TLD boxes, for example as a grid or a box slider.
    • TLD Table - Section featuring a table that lists all your TLDs from your WHMCS system, enabling customers to search for specific TLDs or sort them by specific table columns.
    • More section types coming in future product versions!
  3. Predefinde Sections - Because some content, like "Testimonials," is generally the same across all website pages, we've developed a functionality that allows you to create predefined sections. These can then be used while building your website pages. If a specific section is used on multiple pages and you need to modify its content or add a new testimonial, you can update the predefined section. Its content will automatically refresh on all pages where it has been used, saving you a lot of time!
  4. No-Code Page Management - All pages can be built using the predefined section types described above. All modifications and content additions to each section are managed via our CMS addon, allowing you to control every aspect of your website without needing to write any code.
  5. Page Auto-Save Function - Building website pages is a time-consuming process, and losing your hard work is a concern. Our CMS addon includes a built-in auto-save feature that automatically saves your work. This ensures that in cases like accidentally closing the browser tab or refreshing the page, you can securely restore the saved content. If the addon detects that the auto-saved content is newer than the content loaded on page load, it offers a restoration option.
  6. Page Changes History - Our CMS addon records the history of the latest modifications made to each page. This feature allows you to see which administrator made the most recent changes and, if necessary, revert to a previous version of a specific CMS page. This functionality is invaluable for restoring changes if something was created incorrectly.
  7. Fully Multi-Language - All pages created by the CMS system are easily translatable, meaning you can manage a multilingual page from a single interface, saving you considerable effort.
  8. SEO Management Tools - Improve your site’s visibility with integrated SEO tools that allow you to manage meta tags, titles, and descriptions. Enhance your search engine rankings with tailored SEO strategies
  9. Automatic Sitemap Builder - All pages generated by the CMS addon are automatically added to the sitemap, significantly reducing your workload. This ensures that all your pages will be automatically indexed by search bots upon publication.
  10. Handmade Icons - Our team of designers has created a set of over 400 icons that align with the Lagom brand style. These icons automatically adapt to color changes made through our Style Manager with just a few clicks, ensuring that you don't need to manually customize each icon to fit your brand's color scheme.
  11. Handmade Illustrations - Similar to our handmade icons, our CMS product includes a variety of premade illustrations, animated using CSS. The colors of these illustrations can also be easily customized via the Style Manager. Any color changes will automatically update on your pages, eliminating the need to hire a design team to customize the colors of the illustrations.
  12. Media Uploader - All the premade graphics used in our pages can be easily replaced with your custom graphics using the built-in media manager. This tool allows you to upload and manage your graphics directly from our CMS addon, streamlining the customization process.
  13. Create Custom Sections - For those with advanced requirements who need to customize the code of any premade pages or create their own custom section type, our CMS provides the capability to design your sections. This feature extends the functionality of our product, making it virtually limitless and an excellent tool for development teams offering services to their clients.

Style Manager

All colors used in every aspect of Lagom WHMCS products can be fully managed via our advanced Style Manager tool, built into the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme addon. You can modify the colors of buttons, forms, icons, and graphics. Additionally, you can choose from FIVE different premade color schemes:

  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Orange
  4. Purple
  5. Red

You're not limited to the existing color schemes, as they can be customized to your liking. Any color changes are saved directly into the theme files, not the database. This simplifies the process of moving the theme and its color schemes between different servers.

The style manager also allows you to choose from various Font Faces, which are automatically loaded from the Google Font database. You can change the font with a few simple clicks and immediately preview the outcome on your live website.

Want to adjust the font size? No problem. Every font size in our theme can be customized using the style manager.

Menu Manager

Build various navigations through user-friendly interfaces without needing to write complex WHMCS hooks. You can set up different navigations for your website, client area, and ordering process from a single location with just a few clicks.

Simply assign small or detailed icons, or upload your own icons and assign them to menu items to make your interface unique.

Since our products are fully integrated with the WHMCS system, you can display navigation based on customer login status. You can show menu items that automatically print all your product groups configured in the WHMCS system, and more.

With the build in menu manager you can configure different navigations in the Lagom products:

  1. Main Menu
  2. Secondary Menu
  3. Footer Navigation

Layout Manager

Lagom WHMCS products offer five different navigation layouts, with the flexibility to assign distinct layouts to different groups of pages. For instance, you can assign a top navigation layout to all website and ordering process pages, and choose one of two left navigation layouts for the client area. This clear distinction helps customers recognize when they are in the client area by presenting a completely different layout.

SEO Features

  1. Alternate Links Generation - In today's digital age, creating a website that caters to a global audience is more crucial than ever. One key aspect of achieving this with WHMCS is through the implementation of alternate links with hreflang attributes. These links play a pivotal role in telling search engines like Google about the existence of content available in multiple languages or regional variations. This not only enhances user experience but also significantly improves your site's SEO for international audiences.
  2. Automatic Title and Description Generation - All pages generated in WHMCS system like Announcements, or prduct groups will have automatically generated page <title> and description, which would improve your website SEO.

Other Features

  1. Branding
  2. Affixed Navigation & Sidebars
  3. Cookie Box
  4. Product Nameserver & Hostname

Lagom Products Installation Service

Our installation service is optional, and purchasing our bundle does not obligate you to use it. If you have the necessary skills, you're welcome to install the product yourself.

We understand that newcomers to the WHMCS system may find our installation process challenging. To support these customers, we offer an installation service for all Lagom WHMCS products, typically valued at $59 USD. This one-time free service ensures a correct installation, saving you time and effort. If any issues arise due to server misconfigurations during the installation, our team will guide you to resolve them.

The installation service duration can vary from 8 hours to 4 business days, depending on our current workload.

Please note: while the first installation is free, subsequent installations, like moving from a development server to a production server, will be charged separatelly.

Lagom Products Maintenance Service

In addition to our installation service, we also offer a Maintenance Service that keeps you covered for all future updates of our products. If any product in the bundle or any other product you've purchased from our website requires an update, simply get in touch with us. Provide the necessary access, and our team will handle the update installation free of charge!

This service ensures that your systems are always running smoothly and up-to-date with the latest features and security measures. We strive to complete all maintenance tasks within 2 to 10 business days, depending on our current workload.

Take advantage of our Maintenance Service and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your systems are in expert hands, without any additional costs!

Lagom Products Consultation Service

Our consultation service is optional, and purchasing our bundle does not require its use. You have 30 days from the purchase date of the Lagom Bundle to contact us and schedule this service. The approximate wait time for this service is 2 to 10 business days, depending on our current workload.

Jumpstart your setup with one hour of free consultation from our team of specialists. During this session, we will provide you with essential tips and guidance on how to optimally configure and utilize our products to best suit your business needs. If required, we can assist in configuring aspects of the Lagom products directly for you, including page setups using the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. To make the most of this hour, please prepare and provide all necessary details beforehand, allowing us to accomplish more once we have your specific requirements. Should you need more time, additional consultation hours are available for purchase.

How Can I Use It

Below are some examples of how you can utilize our consultation services to enhance your website and save time:

  1. You can create all your website pages using our products, and then ask us for feedback and suggestions on how to improve. Suggestions could include displaying certain elements differently or correcting incorrectly used section types. If you grant us access, our team can perform the necessary optimizations.
  2. Document all your requirements for your website and business plan, and ask us for help configuring the Lagom product based on these documents. We can construct some of the pages or elements of your website based on the provided documentation.
  3. If you have a website built using a different system, or even a simple plain HTML website, and you want to migrate its content to Lagom CMS, our team can help you build the necessary sections in our CMS and transfer the content from your old website to your new Lagom-based website. Please note, some elements might not be fully replicable using existing sections in the Lagom product. In these cases, we'll do our best to match the layout of your old website as closely as possible. Please be aware that this type of consultation service may require the purchase of additional hours.

How It Works

We’ll arrange a real-time text chat session with a dedicated member of the Lagom team at a time that suits you best, ensuring you receive the help you need when you need it.

What’s Included:

  1. Tailoring Lagom products to your specific business requirements.
  2. Assistance with configuring your WHMCS system to seamlessly integrate with our products.
  3. Expert advice on which Lagom product features to utilize to achieve your desired outcomes.

What’s Not Included:

  1. Custom development services.
  2. Custom design services.
  3. Configuration of third-party WHMCS modules.
  4. Configuration of unrelated WHMCS system aspects, such as products, configurable options, addons, servers, domain registrars, etc.

If you find the initial hour insufficient, we offer consultation packages for continued support, ensuring everything is set up perfectly to run your business effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lagom?

Lagom is a specialized set of enhancements designed to elevate both the design and functionality of the standard WHMCS system. Under the Lagom brand, we offer products aimed at extending the capabilities of WHMCS, allowing it to serve as a comprehensive solution for managing successful websites. All Lagom products maintain a cohesive design system. This means they integrate seamlessly, providing a consistent and intuitive user experience across different functionalities. The customization of your website’s interface is greatly simplified through the use of the Lagom Style Manager, which centralizes style adjustments in one easy-to-access location.

Why Choose Lagom Website Builder instead of WordPress or other CMS system?

With over 10 years of experience offering custom services for the WHMCS system, we've seen challenges and limitations integrating websites created with WordPress or any other CMS, with the WHMCS client portal and ordering process. WHMCS users, eager to launch their first hosting business, seek the least complicated solution with no additional maintenance costs.

Incorporating the design style from another CMS theme into the WHMCS theme is a complex process. It requires constant maintenance services, as style and design customizations made in third-party CMSs do not automatically synchronize with the WHMCS themes. This necessitates manual replication, significantly increasing costs.

Even if you purchase a WordPress theme that already includes a WHMCS theme, it won't seamlessly integrate all the brand aspects between these two systems. That's why we've developed an extension to our key product, Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. This extension adds CMS functionality and enables you to build your website on top of the WHMCS system. This way, all your product configurations can be made from a single place, saving you time and effort in maintaining different systems and servers.

Why Lagom Website Builder and Lagom Client Theme are released separately?

A significant portion of "Lagom" customers require updates to the design and functionality of their client portal and ordering process only, they do not need the CMS functionality, as they have their own website already existing. That's why these products have been released separately to avoid increasing the cost of the basic product package.

Furthermore, this approach affords us the flexibility to improve these products separately, as we can release updates independently.

Do I need to pay the yearly renewal price?

No, the renewal price is not obligatory and does not need to be paid after the first year. However, if you decide not to pay the renewal price, you will lose access to technical support and product updates. This implies that you will not have access to the latest features and compatibility releases with new WHMCS versions, preventing you from updating your WHMCS system.

Do you offer additional discounts for the Lagom Bundle?

No, this bundle already offers discounts on our most popular products, so additional discounts cannot be applied to it.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we do offer refunds for our Lagom Bundles if requested within 14 days of the purchase date. Because this bundle includes custom services, we will only refund the full price if no installation or consultation services have been provided.

If a refund is requested after installation and consultation services have been completed, we will deduct the cost of these services from the total refund amount.

Please note that we cannot offer refunds for individual products within the bundle. If you choose to request a refund, all products included in the bundle must be returned.

Why choose Lagom team to perfrom installation and configuration?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Since our RS Studio team built this product from scratch, we have the best understanding of its functionalities. We have access to the product's source files, and can update the source to fix issues or implement missing features reported in future product releases.

What is the cost of further Lagom consultation hours?

"Lagom Consultation Service" offers the following packages:

  1. One Hour of Consultation Services - $40 USD
  2. 10 Hours of Consultation Services - $350 USD (save 12%)
  3. 30 Hours of Consultation Services - $900 USD (save 25%)


  1. Purchased "Consultation Services" hours must be used within 30 days from the purchase date. After this period, you will need to purchase additional time.
  2. Once the "Consultation Service" begins, it is non-refundable.
  3. We do not refund money for unused time.
  4. Design and Development services are not included in "Consultation Services". These services are billed at a different hourly rate of $50 USD.



5 stars
4 stars
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1 star

Tuomas Lindroos @tuomas8356

July 1, 2024 at 11:46:52 AM

Lagom theme + Website Builder makes WHMCS a proper CMS. It made our separate WordPress front facing website obsolete. All of our companies content is now in one place without separating client site (WHMCS) and our content pages.

  • 2 weeks ago

Fred G @fred1190

June 11, 2024 at 11:34:41 AM

It was great working with the Lagom team! We were looking for a modern WHMCS solution to update our website and Client Area, enhance our client experience, and improve our services. The Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle was exactly what we were looking for and more. The Lagom theme provides an elegant user experience, a user-friendly Client area, management tools, and the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder. With the website builder, we can create user-friendly web pages from a library of sections, headers, icons, and more. We highly recommend the Lagom WHMCS Website CMS Bundle, the Lagom team was fantastic to work with. The installation was smooth, although we had a 6-hour time difference. During the consultation service, we learned how to create and edit new pages and fine-tune minor adjustments. Thanks, RS Studio.

  • 1 month ago

Samuel Lewis @samuel8448

May 14, 2024 at 02:42:46 PM

Lagom provide the best WHMCS theme available on the market. Their products and addons take all the intensive and laborious work out of designing and integrating a visually stunning website and make it accessible to all. Their comprehensive suite of tools and excellent customer support make it simple and easy for anyone to create a business within WMHCS. I continually look forward to their new releases and value add products which help me enhance my business.

  • 2 months ago

Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v8.10

Full Version Compatibility

  • Selected versions of WHMCS v8.10
  • Selected versions of WHMCS v8.9
  • Selected versions of WHMCS v8.8

Support for this product

The best place to start if you need help with a specific product is to contact the developer. All WHMCS Marketplace developers have both a website and support URL listed.

Developed By RS Studio


v1.0.5 Released April 25th, 2024

Latest Version

Included in the bundle version 1.0.5:

  • Lagom WHMCS Client Theme: Version 2.2.5
  • Lagom WHMCS Website Builder: Version 1.0.2
  • Compatibility with WHMCS: Version 8.10.x

Website Builder

  • No changes made in the Lagom WHMCS Website Builder in this bundle version

Client Area

  • New: Compatibility with WHMCS 8.10.0 and 8.10.1.
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where enabling the currency dropdown in the theme navigation caused search engines to index URLs with currency parameters. These links will no longer be indexed - Case #859.
  • Fix: Resolved an issue where the icon for the notification menu item was missing when the notification list was empty - Case #864.
  • Fix: Other minor appearance fixes.

Order Process

  • New: Compatibility with WHMCS 8.10.0 and 8.10.1.
  • Fix: Resolved an issue with with price calculation, when domain addons were set to 0, and when the "Show TLD Cycle Switcher" option was enabled in our addon - Case #862.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where illustrations were missing on the domain configuration page when the "Display No Hosting Information More Prominently" option was enabled in our addon - Case #855.
  • Fix: Other minor appearance fixes


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