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ASPnix provides top-quality modules, addons, payment gateways and more for WHMCS. Whether you are offering new payment methods for your customers, adding on new functionality to better your offerings or simply trying to improve your customer relations, we have the WHMCS product you are looking for!

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Braintree Card Payment Gateway

Braintree offers a secure credit card payment gateway with the low rate of 2.59% + $0.49 per transactions with an instant approval process similar to Stripe.

Coinbase Commerce Payment Gateway

The Coinbase Payment Gateway Module for WHMCS is the-module if you want to accept CryptoCurrency payments with your WHMCS billing system installation!

GeoIP Lookup

The GeoIP Lookup Addon for WHMCS is a perfect solution for WHMCS administrators who want to prevent orders from being placed from certain Countries.

Apple Pay for Web Braintree Gateway

Offer Apple Pay for Web through the Braintree Payment Processor for 2.9% + $0.30 per transactions!

Braintree ACH Direct Debit Payment Gateway

Offer ACH payments through Braintree as the payment processor for a low as 0.75% per transaction!


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