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Jelastic Cloud for Hosting Service Providers

Increase business margin with managed PaaS, Docker hosting and autoscalable VPS

Provide your users a platform with certified containers for Java, PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Python, .NET and the ability to use custom Docker containers. Jelastic offers agile deployment models without coding to proprietary APIs, flexible automatic scaling for stateless and stateful applications, collaboration, access control, monitoring, built-in billing and business analytics tools.

Delivers Virtual Private Server as pre-configured certified stack templates on top of CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows. Each VPS is an isolated instance that is automatically scaled vertically and horizontally due to resource limits and triggers. A virtual machine can be managed directly by customers in any preferred way due to the provided root permissions.

Conquer a new market by creating a new region in a remote location. Improve the response time for local users and provide geo distribution of applications, disaster recovery and high availability across multiple data centers. External vendors like Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer, Google Cloud, AWS or other hosting providers can be used for additional regions in case of temporary burst, with no need to invest in hardware for variable loads.

Jelastic platform lets service providers capture new market segments such as ISV, SaaS, E-Commerce & DevOps customers, and monetize a trendy Docker technology. Differentiate from hundreds of competitors and successfully compete with giant cloud players such as AWS, Azure and Google.

Get your Jelastic cloud to market in a matter of days, not months. Deploy it on your infrastructure or resell with zero investments.

  • Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service Solution
  • Self-service portals with one-click provisioning for Docker and 50+ certified stacks
  • Comprehensive billing engine, limits & permissions control
  • Integration with WHMCS, Odin Business Automation and Odin Service Automation Standard
  • Metering, monitoring & user management
  • Fully rebrandable whitelabel UI
  • 24x7 premium support services and dedicated project manager
  • Business kit and go-to-market program

Become a Hosting Partner or a Reseller of Jelastic

As a first step, if you are not a Reseller / Service Provider of Jelastic services yet, please apply here. Once you fill out the form our Sales Team will get in touch with you to discuss the contract terms.

The installation of the platform is maintained by Jelastic Ops team and our 24/7 support is also ready to assist with WHMCS integration.

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PaaS Extension for WHMCS

Turnkey PaaS, Docker hosting, auto scalable clusters and VPS with full integration to WHMCS


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