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SmartNet Hosting Colombia S.A.S. We are a company dedicated to providing Professional Web Solutions focused on solving the requirements of your company effectively and efficiently with the highest standards of quality and reliability in service.

With extensive experience in the data hosting and / or Hosting industry we have established ourselves as one of the main companies in the market, fully complying with each of our services provided to thousands of users who today are the Fundamental Pillar of our Company.

We are a legally constituted company, we are SNHC S.A.S

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Registrar Domain Module

Modulo de Registro de Dominios de My Reseller Work

Positive balance / Saldo a favor

Este módulo mostrará como saldo a disponible para aplicar a futuras Facturas en WHMCS.

Bancolombia / Nequi QR

Modulo de pago con QR de Bancolombia / Nequi

Pagos con Davivienda QR (Colombia)

Modulo de pago con QR de Davivienda

Pin de Soporte / Support pin

Módulo PIN de Soporte, valida fácilmente a tus clientes

Wompi QR

Módulo Pagos con QR de Wompi permite a sus clientes pagar cómodamente sus facturas WHMCS


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