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ResellerClub Domains

The official ResellerClub Domain Module that syncs with the OrderBox platform and helps you import and manage all your RC/LB domain names and customers from WHMCS

MetaMask USDT-ERC20

MetaMask USDT-ERC20 Payment Gateway for WHMCS

Hosting Account Domain Changer

WHMCS's Domain Changer Module simplifies cPanel domain updates, ensuring secure, seamless transitions, and enhancing client satisfaction like Hostinger.

Google Analytics For WHMCS

Supply your Google Analytics account with data on actions made by clients in your WHMCS.

ColoCrossing Reseller WHMS Module

ColoCrossing WHMCS Module

PKNIC registrar module

The PKNIC Registrar Module integrates WHMCS with PKNIC for seamless .pk domain management, offering real-time registration, automated renewals, and robust logging for secure operations.