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Canadian web hosting provider who also creates great WHMCS addons!

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Elavon Virtual Merchant Converge

Fully supported Elavon payment module for WHMCS! Optional tokenization, one time payments, recurring payments and refunds without leaving your website!

Auto Currency

Fully supported Automatic Currency Selection WHMCS! The customers currency is detected automatically during their first order and set, so they always get to pay in their own currency!

Auto Update cPanel Contact

This addon checks for any cPanel services on their account and automatically updates the Contact Info (e-mail) on the cPanel account with the new one they've provided.

Cancel Invoice on Termination

This addon uses the Action Hook system and runs whenever a hosting account is terminated. It checks for any Unpaid invoices for the account and automatically marks them as cancelled if possible (amends if not).

Associate Tickets with Clients

Checks for support tickets that are not linked to a Client or Sub-Account, and links them using the submitting e-mail address

Cancel 0.00 Domains

Checks for free ($0.00) domains associated with a non-Active hosting account (runs during Daily Cron Job) and sets any to Cancelled.

Credit Invoices Addon

Checks all clients with a credit balance and Unpaid invoices, and applies the credit to the Unpaid invoices from oldest to newest.

Assign Server on Configurable Option

This addon overrides the server selected for a product when ordering using a configurable option. This is useful for if you have multiple server locations and want customers to be able to choose which one they want their service provisioned at.

Exit Offers

This addon uses the Action Hook system and allows you to display a popup if the customer appears to be leaving the ordering process on your website. For example, you can offer them a discount in the popup for them to use.

Empty Ticket Custom Fields on Close

Checks for any custom fields configured for the assigned support department and tries to empty their applicable values on the ticket.

LCWSoft PayPal Billing Agreements

Process one time payments Billing Agreements using your PayPal account, A great alternative for processing recurring payments without the restrictions of PayPal Subscriptions.

Support PIN

Allows you to display a widget on client area pages to logged in clients with an unique PIN number.

Defer Automatic Provisioning

An action hook that runs during the WHMCS cron job and can be used to defer automatic provisioning on new orders to it

Generate Service Renewal Invoice

Allow clients to generate renewal invoices for their services when logged into the client area. Useful for allowing them to create invoices early.

Open Ticket on Cancellation Request

Create a support ticket automatically when a client submits a cancellation request. Useful for informing billing so they can process any applicable refunds, attempting to retain the client, gather feedback, etc.

Auto Cancel Unpaid Orders

An action hook that runs during the WHMCS daily cron tasks each day and automatically cancels Unpaid orders if the order is more than the configured number of days old


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