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Webuddha is a web development firm in Atlanta that has been producing fine web products for over a decade.

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Project Management & Time Tracking

A powerful companion to the WHMCS system for managing projects, tracking time, managing deadlines, and billing clients on team activity.

Time Tracking & Retainer Billing

A necessary addon for service providers. Invoice customers for credit hour retainers and then track time against the balance. Includes client-side reporting of balance activity.

Ticket Search Companion

Add a new ticket search dialog to the head area of your WHMCS Administration template making ticket access a snap.

Hubstaff for WHMCS

Hubstaff Time Tracking integration with WHMCS Billable Items

Ticket Client Tools

Streamline ticket management with 1-click creation or linking of clients to guest tickets.

wbAvatax | Avalara AvaTax - Tax Calcuation Integration

Avalara AvaTax for WHMCS is the all-in-one Address Verification and Tax Calculation module for WHMCS.


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