Accessing the cPanel SEO Dashboard

Admin Area

The cPanel SEO Dashboard can be accessed by administrative users using the Service Management tools within the client's Products/Services tab.

Often the easiest method to locate a client or service is using the Intelligent Search within the admin area. An alternative is to use the products/services list:

1. In the WHMCS Admin Area, navigate to Clients > Product/Services

2. Use the Search/Filter tab to find the cPanel SEO service in question

You can search by Product/Service to find a specific cPanel SEO product or use the Custom Search Filter to search using the Marketplace Order Number. You can also get to the product through the invoice and order page.

Pictured below is an example search that can be performed to locate a service by Marketplace Order Number using the Clients Products/Services list.

Once you have located your product in the "Product/Services" results follow these steps to get to the cPanel SEO Dashboard:

  1. Click the ID of the service to access the service details
  2. Scroll to the Service Management panel
  3. Click the Login to cPanel SEO button
cPanel SEO Service Management Panel

Client Area

Clients can log in to the cPanel SEO Dashboard from the client area.

There are two methods to log in:

1. Via the widget on the client homepage (shown below), just click the "Manage" button within the cPanel SEO panel to access the control panel:

Log in to cPanel SEO Client Area Home Page Panel

2. Via the Products & Services Details page.  Navigate to Services > My Services

Click on the cPanel SEO product within the list:

Once on the product page there will be a management area to access the control panel. Click Log in to cPanel SEO.

Log in to cPanel SEO

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