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Domain Reseller

Domain Reseller Addon/API

Nifty WHMCS Integrator

Connect your website with your WHMCS securely. Display product prices directly from your WHMCS in visitor's local currency to give a native feel.

CMSE Content Framework

Easily add unlimited pages, menu items and create templates by using GUI tools

Poll Manager

Knowing what customers want is the key for a hosting business. Use Poll Manager module for WHMCS to find out what new features your customers want, or how pleased they are with your support. Simply create multiple polls on client area dashboard.

Customer Happiness Metric

Customer Happiness Metric for WHMCS allows customers to vote the level of their happiness with your services and to provide you with valuable information. This way you will gain intel and ways to grow your business.

TinyMCE 5 With Image Upload/Editor

This module allows you to use TinyMCE 5 where ever the curreny TinyMCE is loaded on to the page the new v5 will be loaded.

WHMCS Account Manager

WHMCS Account Manager lets your customers manage multiple accounts using just one login.

Hello 2.0

Hello adds a greeting to your ticket replies in WHMCS, automatically working out who you’re speaking to.

WHMCS Advanced ACL

Assign specific products/services/domains to your contacts/sub-accounts

WHMUp Donations

PayPal Donations with IPN Support