Liveconfig License Reseller

Liveconfig License Reseller

Developed By Plambee

Compatible with WHMCS v7.8

LiveConfig is a Lightweight Hostingpanel which is developed by a German company.

Our module gives you the possibility to sell LiveConfig Licenses directly from your WHMCS. The only prerequisite for thisi is a partner account with LiveConfig. The module supports automatic creation and termination of licenses and it also supports the order of free Trial licenses and the revocation function.

  • Customizable Clientarea
  • Multilingual Clientarea
  • encoded
  • Support of the Revoke API-function
  • Trial License support

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Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v7.8

Full Version Compatibility

  • Selected versions of WHMCS v7.8
        7.8.0 - 7.8.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.7
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.6
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.5

System Requirements

  • LiveConfig Partner Account
  • PHP with SOPA support
  • IonCube Loader 10.2.x

* Requirements listed are in addition to the WHMCS default system requirements.

Support for this product

The best place to start if you need help with a specific product is to contact the developer. All WHMCS Marketplace developers have both a website and support URL listed.

Developed By Plambee


v1.4.3 Released May 28th, 2019

Latest Version

  • "Wrong edition type!" When used as an addon fixed


Previous Versions

v1.4.2 Released May 18th, 2019

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  • Incorrect display of cancellation date in customer area


v1.4.1 Released April 28th, 2019

View/hide detailed changelog

  • Wrong date in the clientarea


v1.4.0 Released February 5th, 2019

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  • WHMCS 7.7 Support
  • PHP 7.3 Support
  • Delete module entries if customer is deleted
  • Delete module entries when service is deleted


v1.3.0 Released April 10th, 2018

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  • WHMCS 7.5 support
  • PHP 7.1 & 7.2 support


v1.2.1 Released September 25th, 2017

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  • Bugfix with the licensecheck


v1.2.0 Released May 27th, 2017

View/hide detailed changelog

  • Added support for the Addon provisioning in WHMCS 7.2
  • Added WHMCS 7.2 support
  • Added E-Mail Var for the Licensecode


v1.1.1 Released January 5th, 2017

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  • Fix if you are login as Admin in the Clientarea
  • fixed CSS Bug


v1.1.0 Released September 25th, 2016

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  • PHP 7 ready
  • WHMCS 7 ready


v1.0.1 Released September 10th, 2016

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  • Bugfix: Fatal Error
  • Designfix with the Admintemplate Lara


v1.0.0 Released August 11th, 2016

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  • initial release


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