WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) login

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) login

Developed By miniOrange

Compatible with WHMCS v8.2

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) login

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin module allows users to login into a WordPress site using their WHMCS credentials. This enables seamless login between WordPress and WHMCS thereby eliminating the need to remember passwords for each application.

The Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality is achieved using OAuth / OpenID Connect protocol. WordPress acts as an OAuth Client and WHMCS as an OAuth Provider.‌‌


  • Unlimited SSO Authentications: Users can log in to WordPress using SSO any number of times.
  • Auto-create users / Just In Time user provisioning: During SSO login, if the WHMCS user doesn’t exist in WordPress, then the user account will be created automatically.
  • Account linking: During SSO login, if the WHMCS user already exists in WordPress, then the user account will be linked to the same existing account and the user profile will be updated.
  • Attribute mapping: Map the user attributes that you get from WHMCS to the user profile in WordPress.
  • SSO login widget: Integrate SSO in the WordPress site by placing the SSO login widget wherever you want.
  • Redirect after SSO login: After successful SSO login, users will be redirected to the homepage of your WordPress site.
  • Grant type support: Supports the standard OAuth2 grant which is the most secure of all the grant types: Authorization Code grant.
  • Debug logging: If you run into any issues with the SSO login, debug logs would be helpful. ‌

NOTE: All the features mentioned above are available in the free version of the plugin. We provide many more features like Advanced attribute mapping, Role mapping, Protect complete site, Developer hooks, OpenID SLO, Multiple OAuth/OIDC Providers, Multisite network support, etc in our Premium versions. You can check them out here -> https://plugins.miniorange.com/wordpress-single-sign-on-sso-oauth-openid-connect#pricing ‌

Contact Us: If you have any questions at all you can contact us -> https://www.miniorange.com/contact

Learn More:

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin - https://plugins.miniorange.com/wordpress-single-sign-on-sso-oauth-openid-connect

WHMCS - WordPress SSO Setup Guide - https://plugins.miniorange.com/whmcs-single-sign-on-wordpress-sso-oauth-openid-connect

OAuth FAQ's - https://faq.miniorange.com/kb/oauth-openid-connect

WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) Plugin - https://plugins.miniorange.com/wordpress-single-sign-on-sso-oauth-openid-connect

miniOrange SSO Solutions - https://www.miniorange.com/single-sign-on-sso


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Version Compatibility

Compatible with WHMCS v8.2

Full Version Compatibility

  • All versions of WHMCS v8.2
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.1
  • All versions of WHMCS v8.0
  • All versions of WHMCS v7.10

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Developed By miniOrange


v6.20.3 Released August 25th, 2021

Latest Version

6.20.3 Security-related fix

6.20.2 LearnPress conflict fix WordFence 2FA conflict fix Added Automatic Attr Mapping Setup guide & Video guide button on UI Licensing plan UI change Readme changes

6.20.1 Added WP 5.8 Compatibility Added support for OAuth 1.0 UI Changes & fixes Readme changes


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