Activating NordVPN

Before you can sell NordVPN to your customers, you must activate sales in your Admin Area.

1. First, go to Configuration > System Settings > MarketConnect in the Admin Area.

2. Click Start Selling under VPN Powered by NordVPN.

3. Click Activate Now to automatically create and set up the VPN product and activate the built-in landing page.

Viewing the landing page

To view the landing page that WHMCS sets up automatically, go to Store > VPN in the Client Area while logged out.

All the landing pages that are provided with MarketConnect are controlled by templates and are fully customizable using any regular HTML editor. The template files can be found in the /store/ directory within your active Client Area template directory.

By default, the following NordVPN promotion is also enabled for all existing hosting customers when they log in to the Client Area.

To change this or any of the other promotional settings, click Manage for NordVPN at Configuration > System Settings > MarketConnect.

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