Setting up and Configuring NordVPN Client

NordVPN ensures a user's digital privacy and encrypts their internet connection. It supports numerous platforms, the setup and configuration instructions for which are provided below.

Supported Platforms

NordVPN is compatible with most popular platforms, including Windows®, macOS®, Linux®, Android™, and iOS®, as well as selected Routers and NAS devices.   Popular Browser Extensions are also supported.

Setting up a NordVPN Connection

There are three main ways to set up a NordVPN connection, namely through the NordVPN App, Manually, or via Router Installation:

1. NordVPN Apps

NordVPN provides apps for all major platforms. Whether using a Mac®, an Android™ tablet, or a Windows® laptop, setting up is a simple and extremely user-friendly process. 

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2. Manual Setup

For those familiar with how to set up a VPN connection, there are options to do so manually. Although manual setup may require additional steps, it may be necessary for more flexible setups.  Further information regarding setup can be found at the NordVPN Help Center.

3. Router Installation

Setting up NordVPN on a Wi-Fi router, will allow the benefits of VPN protection to all devices connected to it.  This is particularly useful, to protect a whole network, especially devices that do not support VPN functionality (e.g. TVs, Cameras, etc.)

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SmartDNS is what allows you to set up unrestricted access to streaming content on your smart TV using NordVPN SmartPlay.

For further information and detailed steps how to configure, visit What is SmartDNS?