Order Flow

All visitors to your Client Area can purchase VPN services by following the steps below:

1. Go to Store > VPN for new customers or Website & Security > VPN for existing logged-in clients.

2. Click Get NordVPN or select a subscription plan from the landing page.

All plans have the same features but are for different term lengths.

No Domain Required

Unlike our other MarketConnect services, NordVPN does not require a domain or associated hosting service. Your customers just click Checkout:


This places the order. After the customer pays the invoice, the system will provision the service automatically.

NordVPN will send an email to the email address of the Client Account with the subject Activate your account from support@nordaccount.com.

The activation email contains an invitation link. Clients follow the Activate your Account link to create their Nord Account credentials.


Activate your account email

NordVPN will also send a welcome email with the subject Welcome to NordVPN! with instructions to download the VPN clients and get started.

Welcome to NordVPN email


Renewal invoices will automatically be generated by your WHMCS installation as the Next Due Date approaches.

If the client wishes to renew the service, we recommend paying the renewal invoice before the due date. Otherwise, the VPN service will expire and cease to function.

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