How publishing works

All websites created in the Weebly Website Builder with WHMCS MarketConnect must be self hosted.

When a user publishes a site, Weebly will FTP some static files (index.html), proxy files (a few PHP files) and .htaccess to the location you've specified for that site.

The php file is very small and acts as a proxy. The first request to the published site is responded to by the PHP file (via the 404 handler specified in .htaccess). The php file makes a call to Weebly for the contents of the page. The contents are then returned to the user's browser.

At the same time, the PHP file caches the content for each subsequent request to avoid future trips to Weebly for the contents. Upon next publish of the site the cache is cleared and the process starts again.

Setting FTP Credentials

In most cases WHMCS will set the FTP Publishing Credentials automatically.

Should this fail for any reason or need to be modified, see our article Setting or Updating FTP Publishing Credentials.