Order Flow

Users can purchase XOVI Now by following the steps below:

  • For unauthenticated users, navigate to Store > XOVI Now.
  • For authenticated users, navigate to Website & Security > XOVI Now.
Store > cPanel SEO

The XOVI Now landing page provides an overview and product tour of the XOVI Now service, feature highlights, and plan information:

cPanel SEO Landing Page

XOVI Now offers two plans; Starter and Professional. A feature breakdown is provided to help customers choose:

cPanel SEO Pricing

Choose a subscription plan from the landing page and click the Order Now button.

cPanel SEO Order Screen

The order workflow requires the user to select an existing domain name within their account to link the service, or enter a new domain.

Once a valid domain is selected or entered, the checkout button is enabled, and the order checkout workflow can be completed as normal. Upon payment being completed for the order, the service will be provisioned automatically.

Both customers and administrative users can access the XOVI Now dashboard via WHMCS to follow the easy step by step wizard before running their first site audit:

Log in to cPanel SEO Client Area Panel

Further usage instructions are provided in subsequent help guides:

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