XOVI Now Wizard

After logging in to XOVI Now for the first time, a wizard displays to let you add your first project. To do this:

Step 1: General

Begin by entering some basic information about your website:

  • Enter your Website URL.
  • Choose a Project Name to help distinguish it from any others you might create in future.
  • Choose a Search engine you'd like to use for comparison.

You can edit the Project Name and Search Engine options later but cannot change the Website URL.

Step 2: Add Keywords

XOVI Now will perform an analysis of your website and provide suggested keywords to monitor. Select up to 10 keywords to analyze or enter your own by clicking Add keyword.

Step 3: Add Competitors

XOVI Now will suggest competitors based on the keywords you chose in step 2.

Select the competitors to compare your website's search performance against, or enter your own by clicking Add new.

The number of competitors that you can select depends on your plan (two for Starter and three for Professional).

Step 4: Project Created

After you create your project, XOVI Now will start the Site Audit process for the website URL.

Click Go to Dashboard to view suggestions for improving your site's ranking.