Order Management

Discount Usage List

Listed Services/Domains that Use Promotional Code

Fraud Order Ticket

Fraud Order Ticket will automatically open a support ticket on your new customer's account should they fail to pass fraud checks.

Promo Feed

Display a promotional price with a quick and simple feed!

Assign Server on Configurable Option

This addon overrides the server selected for a product when ordering using a configurable option. This is useful for if you have multiple server locations and want customers to be able to choose which one they want their service provisioned at.

Order Verification Addon

Order Verification Addon will ensure that all of your Clients are using real email addressess and no one can get a product with fake email address

Exit Offers

This addon uses the Action Hook system and allows you to display a popup if the customer appears to be leaving the ordering process on your website. For example, you can offer them a discount in the popup for them to use.

Grouped Addons

Powerful tool for driving addon sales.

TransferWise Borderless Account Reconciliation

Bank transfer payments reconciliation for TransferWise Borderless accounts

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