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We develop solutions that help you sell with WordPress while using WHMCS, the best hosting management product.

With WHMPress line of WHMCS-WordPress integration plugins, the concept of integration is no more related to matching look & feel of both systems.

Unlike framing existing WHMCS into WordPress, our integration works in modules so every user can have as much integration as he needs.

We have following components in this stack.

WHMpress It is used to display WHMCS products in a fancy way and without effort. Links will still point to WHMCS.

WHMCS Sliders & Comparison Tables (WPCT) Used for the same purpose as WHMPress but intended for users who need Sliders & Comparison tables these components specifically. It is totally optional and uses only if you really need it.

WHMCS Client Area with API (WCAP) This will bring ordering functions and WHMCS client area to WordPress. Users will not link to WHMCS anymore, and whole order process will complete on WordPress site including user login/ registration if needed.

WHMCS Cart & Order Pages (WCOP) has beautifully designed order pages, which are feature-rich, user-friendly and functional. Order pages are fully configurable and multiple order templates are available. It also supports merchant gateways.

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Wordpress + WHMCS = WHMPress

Server IP Blacklist Checker

The module continuously monitors the status of server IP addresses in real-time, ensuring that any changes in their blacklisting status are promptly detected.

Payment Gateway Fees/Charges

WHMCS's Payment Gateway Transaction Fees module allows you to add customize transaction fees for multiple gateways, support dynamic currency and exclude specific clients.

Hetzner Cloud Server Module

The Hetzner Cloud Servers for WHMCS module automates the provisioning and management of Hetzner Cloud virtual machines. Your clients can choose from a range of options to customize their servers.

Auto Cpanel/Plesk Server login from Whmcs

Our Auto Login Module simplifies the process of accessing and managing hosting accounts from within WHMCS, eliminating manual login procedures.

Client Password Change Module

This powerful module empowers administrators to securely reset passwords within the WHMCS platform

Domain Allocator

The Domain Allocator Module allows the client to automatically assign any of their domain to any selected cpanel hosting by the client as an Addon or Parked/Alias domain from within the client area

Hosting Account Domain Changer

WHMCS's Domain Changer Module simplifies cPanel domain updates, ensuring secure, seamless transitions, and enhancing client satisfaction like Hostinger.


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