Website Monitoring vs. Server Monitoring

360 Monitoring services via MarketConnect are divided into two categories; website monitoring and server monitoring.

Website monitoring is designed for providers to offer their shared and reseller hosting clients, enabling website owners to monitor and improve the performance of their websites hosted with you and with other providers.

Server monitoring is designed for providers to monitor uptime and performance of their own server fleets, and also offer to VPS and dedicated server clients. Server monitoring can be used with cloud and metal servers with any provider.

Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring tests websites for uptime, performance, and overall function. It verifies that your site is up, running, and accessible for visitors. Website Monitoring is performed from the 360 Monitoring cloud service meaning there is nothing to install on the websites being monitored.

Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring runs regular scans and tracks the health of your server, including CPU,  load times, network statistics, memory, disk usage, and more to help you find and resolve issues fast. Server monitoring uses a combination of cloud and local monitoring facilitated by an OS-agnostic agent called "Agent360" which should be installed on monitored servers.

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