What is 360 Monitoring?

Website and Server Monitoring

Broaden your service portfolio by incorporating a state-of-the-art uptime and performance monitoring tool.

With 360 Monitoring, your customers can actively monitor the health of their websites and servers, with agent-based monitoring for servers and additional tools like real-time blocklist monitoring. Alerts are available via SMS, email, Slack®, Telegram, PushBullet™, and more.


Features include:

  • Site Monitoring: Measure uptime performance by monitoring HTTPS(S), TCP, and ICMP in standard intervals.
  • Full Site Check: Check entire websites, including private portals and online stores, for quality, bugs, and errors.
  • Server Monitoring: Keep track of CPU, memory, and disk usage with extensive server and hardware monitoring.
  • Active Alerts: Notify website or server owners before poor performance occurs.