Activating MarketGoo SEO

This article will walk you through the procedure for activating marketgoo SEO services for sale through your WHMCS installation.

1. Begin by logging in to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to Setup > MarketConnect.

2.  Click the green Start Selling button within the marketgoo SEO Tools tile.

3. Click the Activate Now button to use the easy one-click setup which will automatically create and setup the marketgoo products, Lite and Pro, and activate the built-in landing page.

Landing Page

4. To view the landing page, navigate to the Client Area and then choose Store > SEO Tools.

All landing pages that are provided with MarketConnect are controlled by templates and are fully customizable using any regular HTML editor. The template files can be found in the /store/ directory within your active client area template directory.


By default, the following MarketGoo SEO promotion is enabled for all existing customers without a marketgoo service.

If you wish to change this or any of the other promotional settings, you can do so via the Manage button for marketgoo and all other services on the Setup > MarketConnect page.

Client Area - WHMCS

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