A feature is a ready-made layout element (for example, text, headings, photos, video, buttons and icons, forms, maps, or social media elements) that you can use to build your custom professional website pages with the Site Editor.

Locate the feature you need in the library of features (above), drag-and-drop it onto an available placeholder, and customize the feature to suit your needs.

To customize a feature, select it. This displays the editing menu and replaces the selected sample content with the actual content you would like to appear on your site. You can then modify the selected element to suit your needs with the help of the editing menu.

Moving Features

To move a feature, hover over its upper edge with the mouse cursor. This displays the moving tool (below):

Click the moving tool and drag the feature from one placeholder onto another:

Drop the feature into the desired location. The placeholder will be highlighted in pink. The feature acquires the size of the selected placeholder.

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