Pre-made Landing Page

Pre-made landing pages help you promote and educate your customers about the Site Builder product. They help explain features of the builder like the drag-and-drop mechanic and list frequently asked questions about the use of the product. They also show the different product tiers available via WHMCS MarketConnect and their individual features and pricing.

Landing Page Layout

The default layout of the landing page is a scroll page. It shows features, pricing, and FAQs, and a general description of the service.  There are links around the page to demo themes and there is easier navigation for users.

Below is the top of the default landing page for the SiteBuilder service.

Site Builder Landing Page

Customizing the landing page

All of the landing pages that are provided with MarketConnect are controlled by templates and are fully customisable using any regular HTML editor.

The template files can be found in the /store/ directory within your active Client Area template directory.

For more information on working with templates, see our developer documentation.