How to Bundle SiteLock Lite with Hosting Plans by Default

SiteLock Lite is a limited free version of the SiteLock service that allows customers to try and experience the SiteLock service without charge.

In WHMCS, we've made it possible to have SiteLock Lite be automatically pre-selected for new hosting and reseller plan purchases.

This is enabled by default and appears in the order process as pictured below.

Managing SiteLock Lite Default Bundling

To change the SiteLock Lite behaviour for new hosting and reseller plan purchases, login to the admin area and navigate to Setup > MarketConnect.  Then click the Manage button under SiteLock Website Security.

In the Manage modal, select the Other Settings tab.

In the screenshot above, the "Include SiteLock Lite by Default" option is enabled.  Click the On/Off toggle button to toggle it off.  When disabled, SiteLock Lite will not be pre-selected by default for new hosting plan orders.