Pre-made Landing Page

Pre-made landing pages are made available to help you promote and educate your customers about SiteLocks website securtiy and the various features and benefits available via WHMCS MarketConnect.

In a logged in state, users navigate to Website & Security > Website Securtiy

Landing Page Layout

The landing page starts out with a basic introduction into what SiteLock does, how it can help clients websites against malicious activity from online threats. Then we have a breakdown in the plans and pricing available with our MarketConnect products and a list of the features they contain. Next, is a special section websites already in a compromised state, SiteLock offers a product to "Recover your website with SiteLock Emergency Response". Last, we have some FAQs around the SiteLock products.

Pictured below is the start of the default landing page layout.

Customising the landing page

All the landing pages that are provided with MarketConnect are controlled by templates and are fully customisable using any regular HTML editor.

The template files can be found in the /store/ directory within your active client area template directory.

For more information on working with templates, please refer to https://developers.whmcs.com/themes/