How To Get Started Selling SiteLock

The following article will guide you through the process of activating SiteLock for sale.

1. Begin by logging in to your WHMCS admin area and navigating to Setup > MarketConnect

2. Click the Start Selling button under the SiteLock Website Security service offering.

3. Click the Activate Now button to use the easy one-click setup which will automatically create and activate all 5 SiteLock plans for sale using the default recommended retail pricing and activate the built-in landing page.

That's it! Easy right? You're now selling SiteLock services.

To see what your end users and customers would see, simply visit your WHMCS client area and navigate to Store > Website Security.

You will then see the SiteLock landing page as pictured below.

By default, the following SiteLock Lite plan promotion is also enabled for all existing customers with hosting services when logging into the client area. If you wish to change this or any of the other promotional settings, you can do so via the Manage button under SiteLock.