How To Try the SiteLock Service for Free

SiteLock is a cloud-based security service that scans websites for malware and vulnerabilities.

SiteLock Lite is made available to all WHMCS MarketConnect users and is a great way to try out the service free of charge.

Ordering SiteLock Lite via the Client Area

Within the client area, promotions for SiteLock Lite are displayed both on the client portal homepage (pictured below) and when viewing any applicable service to which the SiteLock addon is assigned but has not yet been provisioned for.

To order SiteLock Lite, simply click the Try SiteLock button on any of these promotions.

Note that SiteLock Lite is only available to purchase an upsell to hosting packages and is therefore not displayed on the SiteLock landing page.

Ordering SiteLock Lite via the Admin Area

To order SiteLock Lite via the admin area, simply follow the steps below.

1. Login to the admin area and navigate to Orders > Add New Order

2. Select the desired client to add the service to.  Payment method doesn't matter here as the SiteLock Lite service has no cost associated with it.

3. In the Product/Service dropdown, locate the SiteLock product group and select the Lite plan.

4. Enter the domain you wish to provision SiteLock Lite for in the domain field.

5. Your order should now look as follows. Click the Submit Order button to complete the process.

6. Once the order is created, on the order details view pitcured below, ensure the Run Module Create checkbox is ticked, and then click Accept Order to provision the service and setup the SiteLock service.

7. Once the service has provisoned successfully, click the Product/Service label (pictured below) to jump to the service management page from where you can manage and login to the SiteLock service.

8. On the service management page, scroll to the MarketConnect service management area and from there you can click the Login to SiteLock Control Panel button to login and begin using the service.