How to Add or Upgrade Additional OX Suite Mailboxes

After you purchase OX App Suite or OX App Suite + Productivity, it appears in the Client Area Dashboard.

You can only upgrade additional email accounts or mailboxes via the Client Area.

Add or Upgrade

To manage OX App Suite for a domain:

1. Select that domain for Choose Domain in the Client Area Dashboard widget.

2. Click Manage.

A list of OX App Suite email addresses will display with email client details and other information. This list also displays the current number of available accounts.

  1. Click Upgrade to increase the number available accounts.

Options to upgrade the quantity and type of mailbox will appear.

  1. Select the desired total quantity for Qty. For example, if you have one mailbox currently, entering 2 would add one additional mailbox.

During this step, you can also upgrade from OX App Suite to OX App Suite + Productivity by making changes under that heading.

5. Click Select to place your order.

The list of email accounts will now display the new quantity of accounts.

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