How can I add an email account from another provider so that I can see all of my emails in one place?

You can include accounts from many other email service providers within seconds:

  1. Login to the OX App Suite via https://us.appsuite.cloud/appsuite/
  2. Click on “Add mail account” under your folders
Mail - Olegark Xavier - OX App Suite
  1. Choose to sign in with Google or another email provider
  2. Then enter the email address and password of the external email account you’d like to add
  3. Finally, click “Add” and your external email inbox will be displayed under your folders

You can also send emails using the email address of the newly added account.

In the Compose box you are able to select which email address you’d like to send your email from in the dropdown menu next to the “From” field.

Compose - Olegark Xavier - OX App Suite


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